After reading the comments, the woman was shocked: such cruelty has yet to be found

After reading the comments, the woman was shocked: such cruelty has yet to be found
After reading the comments, the woman was shocked: such cruelty has yet to be found

I want to share my opinion and insights that may, I very much hope, reach those who do. And if even one person in a million rethinks those insights and changes their behavior, we will be closer to winning.

I’m talking about mean comments and abuse. The new year shook Lithuania with the loss of famous people. Not one, but several prominent and famous people left. Death is always sad and painful, and no matter under what circumstances it happens, it is always painful.

But I’m horrified by the junkyard of social media. What kind of mud do people allow themselves to be covered in, to disrespect themselves or others in such ways. All kinds of wishes for the families of those people, insights and theories that are usually out of place and out of place. You will say that the price of a famous person? But is notoriety and talent really the price to pay to drag these people through the mud on their last day on this earth?

Is this the price of those who prefer not to do anything in life, but just write pathetic comments on social media. in space. Well, why not? This is just an opinion, isn’t it? It is a pity that our nation does not yet know how to distinguish opinions from slurs and slander. But after all, anything is possible with impunity, right? If there was accountability for one’s nasty and offensive “opinion”, I think the number of people who express such opinions would be reduced by half, or they would start expressing that opinion in a civilized way.

But not only famous people suffer from it. The other day, I read a post on the Internet by a person – an ordinary person, unknown to anyone – about how difficult it is for him to live, that he feels depressed, that he thinks about death and so on. The man asked for advice on what to do, he feels bad and is looking for help.

It’s really sad that only one other comment was supportive and pointed to helplines. Everyone else was condemning, accusing and mocking, as if: “The trunk is full of everything you can think of?”

Dear commenters, do you ever think about how your thoughtless comment, which you call an opinion, can affect you? If you write “stupid/stupid you, the world will be a better place without you” and it will make that person think that way? Would you be willing to live with it for the rest of your life? You can’t be punished for your opinion, right? But opinion is not equal to opinion.

Or I saw a woman asking for food for her children because she had no money left after paying her taxes. They asked for food support for the children. Not with money, not with some wealth, but he asked for food. It is necessary to look for comments of such cruelty. Some offered to hang themselves, others to hand over their children, others to castrate themselves, well, and similar solutions.

What do comments like this say about the commenters? Well, you can draw your own conclusions, of course, if you have some sense.

If you can’t communicate or have nothing to say, you better turn off the internet and go for a walk in the woods. Because it turns out that in the 21st century there are still many people in our nation who are completely unable to think or take responsibility for their words. I hope that the day will come when it is customary to take responsibility for such wishes, statements and verbal abuse. And before that, think about it. Are you protected from misfortunes in life? Maybe someday you will have to ask for help, and you will be laughed at and sent to the dog days. Or your relatives, children, friends? Well, but until you get a good shot in the mouth yourself, the understanding, unfortunately, does not come.

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