L. Hamilton talked about what he will do after his career

L. Hamilton talked about what he will do after his career
L. Hamilton talked about what he will do after his career

The legendary Lewis Hamilton will start a new challenge in his career next season. The seven-time champion will move from Mercedes to Ferrari, which will realistically be his last team in his F-1 career. L. Hamilton turned 39 in the winter, so the athlete is increasingly forced to think about what to do after his career ends.

Now Hamilton has named two things he intends to do after retiring from racing.

“I talked to a lot of amazing sports stars about what to do after my career. I talked to Serena Williams, Boris Becker and even Michael Jordan. I talked to sports stars I’ve met during my career, as well as people who haven’t retired yet. We talked about fear and unpreparedness for the future.

Most of them said one of two things, “I stopped too soon” or “I stayed too long.” Most of them had nothing planned when they left. Some people said that they didn’t plan things out and that put them in a kind of limbo.

It opens up a kind of hole, a kind of emptiness that needs to be filled with something. Unprepared people rush to fill it and therefore fill it with the wrong things. That’s how you make mistakes, but eventually you find your way.

For some it takes a long time, for others it takes less time. But in a general sense, it got me thinking: How do I avoid this situation when I stop? So, I started seriously looking for things that would interest me.

I got to a point in my career where I realized I wasn’t going to be able to race forever. And when I stop, I’ll just drop the mic and be happy. My situation is a bit more complicated because I want to do everything. I am very ambitious, but I understand that you can’t do everything. On the other hand, I take this word back – I don’t believe in the word impossible.

If you want to become a master of something, you need at least 10 thousand hours. Obviously, I spent this time racing. There is not enough time for me to master many other things. However, I think that the things I will focus on will be fashion and cinema,” said L. Hamilton.

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