Source: The employee who complained to C. Horner is angry, scared and intimidated

Source: The employee who complained to C. Horner is angry, scared and intimidated
Source: The employee who complained to C. Horner is angry, scared and intimidated

Red Bull closed an internal investigation into Christian Horner’s alleged misconduct that began in the winter just before the start of the season. Then the team announced that it fully exonerated its long-time manager. While the investigation continues to garner a lot of attention to this day, the only person who has been suspended is the employee who filed the complaint.

The initiator of the investigation herself cannot communicate with the media due to legally binding confidentiality, but the BBC managed to interview a person close to the reporter. The latter claims that the Red Bull employee can hardly understand how her complaint could be rejected.

“It’s difficult for people to understand her situation. She cannot, and at the same time, does not want to speak. She is very upset, very angry, very scared, very intimidated and very lonely. I think people just can’t understand how she feels without being in her shoes.

We can all read the WhatsApp messages that have been made public, then we can all come to a conclusion whether this is a proper relationship between a team leader and a female employee. As Christian said, he wants to draw a line. However, if the process was fair, independent and transparent, if no irregularities were found, then why does he not deny that the leaked messages are true?

I understand that there are people who follow the saying that tango is danced in twos in this situation, but that is not fair. This is an attempt to divert attention. The question is: should Christian have done what he did in taking the leadership position?

She really struggles to understand how, given all the information, an independent process could have reached such conclusions. It’s shocking, so it’s no surprise that she’s very upset. Indeed, she received many offers to sell her story and never once considered participating in such things.

She can’t even talk to her friends, she can only talk to close family members at the moment. Now we just have a single woman who has behaved herself and feels unheard. It was really a completely wrong process. It takes a really, really brave woman to do what she did. But unfortunately, the current situation is really, really bad.

She registered her complaint with the Labor Disputes Commission, where the process is public. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go before that date. At every step, she, like the media that covered it, was threatened with legal action. She is now suspended and it is clear that eventually Red Bull will just want to fire her.

But she is determined to get the truth out. She simply wants to work in this sport and is very concerned about her future. She fears that it will cost her reputation and significantly reduce her employment opportunities. She’s been in motorsport all her life, so on the one hand she’s very worried and scared about the future, but on the other hand, she really wants the truth to come out.

Since she can’t talk openly with her friends, I think she keeps her fear inside. She does not tell anyone about the process, as she respects the established rules. She was completely silenced and Christian, in a position of power, had plenty of opportunities to present his version of events,” a person close to the suspended employee told the BBC.

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