The captain’s example – about an unseen talent, G.Vovoras and 20 stitches in his face: “Not now”


It seemed that the captain of Klaipėda “Neptūnos” had not even thought about it before. As well as about the possible consequences.

“I didn’t ask,” interview with 15 minutes the 35-year-old veteran smiled at the beginning. – I took some precautions and that’s it. After all, you don’t put anything on your lips like masks on a broken nose. Try not to think.”

“And doctors always say that you need to take care of yourself as long as possible. But not now. We are doing well, we don’t want to leave the team. I want to help. Especially since Tim (Lambrecht) is also injured. I can’t take it and just not play,” explained the captain of “Neptunos”.

“Betsafe-LKL” photo/Deividas Gailius

Last week, his match against Utena’s Uniclub Casino – Juventus ended in extreme pain. In the middle of the fourth quarter, the 35-year-old veteran collided with an opponent and lay on the floor holding his mouth.

Blood was spilled, and D. Gailiaus’ match ended prematurely.

VIDEO: David Gailius’ injury in Utena

He was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Utena, but there, after a consultation, they decided that it would be better to sew up the huge wound in the capital.

It was a happy coincidence that his wife Jolita also came to the match, who sat at the wheel of the car, and the two-meter basketball player sitting next to him was pressing a bleeding wound on probably the worst road in the country from Utena to the capital.

“The doctor can’t say he’s not connected. And in Utena, he said that he would connect, but he made it clear that it was better to go to Vilnius. I called Tom Vorobiov, the doctor of “Ryto”, when I was playing in Vilnius. He advised not to even think about it and go straight to the capital.

So we did. The wife took it quickly. Well, how quickly – it still took one and a half hours”, continued D. Gailius.

Eriko Ovčarenko/BNS photo/Deividas Gailius

Eriko Ovčarenko/BNS photo/Deividas Gailius

The Neptune captain’s wound required as many as 20 stitches.

The Easter weekend at the festive table was not the most pleasant when tasting the usual dishes, but a week later – on Monday in Klaipėda – D. Gailius stepped on the field again and played for 24 and a half minutes.

The captain scored 10 points (2/2 doubles, 2/6 triples), and “Neptūnas”, after an incredibly dramatic end of the match and a secretarial error, defeated Mažeikiai’s “M Basket-DELAMODE” club 91:89, surpassing it in the Lithuanian Basketball League (” Betsafe-LKL”) in the standings.

Betsafe-LKL photo/Deividas Gailius

Betsafe-LKL photo/Deividas Gailius

It was already the fifth victory in a row for Klaipėda citizens who started the season with difficulty. Only Kaunas “Žalgiris” currently has a longer streak in LKL.

About the radically changed direction of “Neptūnas”, the tricks of Georgios Vovoros, the unseen talent of Đžuolos Tubelis and the goals for the rest of the season – D. Gailius interview 15 minutes.

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