Guest stars will appear at the jubilee concert of the group “69 Dangujje”: the “New Lithuanians” will gather for the evening

Guest stars will appear at the jubilee concert of the group “69 Dangujje”: the “New Lithuanians” will gather for the evening
Guest stars will appear at the jubilee concert of the group “69 Dangujje”: the “New Lithuanians” will gather for the evening

Over the course of 20 years, “69 in the sky” crossed paths with many stars of the scene, but “New Lithuanians” were by their side from the very beginning.

“I believed in the project “69 in the Sky”, I knew it was good,” says producer Egmontas Bžeskas. – Their first super hits – “Gyvenu”, “9 Danguj”, later – “Delicious Speed” and many others were born in the studio of “New Lithuanians”. Then other composers joined – Stanislov Stavickis-Stano wrote such hits as “Skrisim”, “Symphony of Love”, Alexander Makeev created “Supergirls”. The repertoire of “69 in the sky” includes a set of good songs that have helped to establish themselves in the market for decades. It’s been a long road, but no one is tired: the members of the group, in my eyes, look better than ever. They are not only beautiful all the time, but also have gained life experience, strength, wisdom, they all became mothers. In addition to the activities of “69 in the Sky”, they have discovered other areas, and are happy with their personal work. A lot of water has been spilled, we have experienced everything in our lives during that time, but we are happy that together with the whole of Lithuania we can now celebrate the 20th anniversary of this group. It’s an exciting moment.”

Egmontas himself recently returned to the world of art, and now he will also be remembered for stepping onto the big stage: even if the flag of “New Lithuanians” did not fly on the stage for long enough, the ideas of this project remained alive and active, and all this will take shape again at the “69 in the sky” concert.

“Nothing has changed – the songs of “New Lithuanians” are still played at private balls and elsewhere after midnight. This is a bright project, a movement, a manifesto. Gintarus Reklaičius and I never lied to people and created something that will last a lifetime. His voice still rings, his work is eternal. I’m glad that I can still represent this project, I’m glad that people want us on stage. Therefore, I can promise that “New Lithuanians” will not miss the opportunity to have fun during the “69 in the sky” concert. It will be a fun show”, mentions E. Bžeskas, who is preparing a special show, during which the “Žalgiris” arena will once again be able to enjoy “Afigenai”, “R-1”, “Ruri ruri” and others with “New Lithuanians”.

G. Vagelis will also perform in the “Zalgiris” arena together with “69 in the sky”. “He is our fan since childhood. We have been communicating for many years, – the members of the group say. – Gabriel suggested us to record a special version of “Gyvenu” together. Time was tight then, so we didn’t pursue this idea, but we agreed that sooner or later we would do something together. And then G. Vagelis offered the song “Jei leisi”. We liked it, we immediately “matched” and the success of this song exceeded expectations.”

According to the girls, this work not only opened the door to a new audience, but also gave them the impetus to update, supplement their concert repertoire, and shoot video clips. Then the new song “I’m asking” was born. “We can say that Vagel indirectly gave us a kick in the ass. Now we can’t even imagine that we would appear in the arena without Gabriel when organizing such a celebration, after all, he is already like a member of the family”, says “69 in the sky”.

The famous music producer, DJ Dynoro, who gained international recognition with the remix of “In My Mind”, will also perform in the arena before and during the concert. 69 in the Sky were pleasantly surprised when Dynoro played a version of their song “Devil’s Speed” at the Granatos music festival.

“Friends started sending videos, did you hear?” Dynoro plays you in Granatos! Even the shivers went, how good this song sounded. What Dynoro did was again a new impulse: we were discovered by the younger generation, we started performing again at centenaries, graduations. And when we finally decided to organize our 20th anniversary concert, it was immediately clear which DJ should play at this celebration. It’s great that Dynoro will be with us in the arena!” – rejoices “69 in the sky”.

The anniversary concert in Kaunas “Žalgiris” arena “Devil’s speed – 20 years”, full of newly arranged “69 in the sky” hits, special effects and sincere emotions will take place on April 27. Interest in the concert is extremely high, so additional sectors are opening today.

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