G. Almantas became the chairman of the board of LTOU

G. Almantas became the chairman of the board of LTOU
G. Almantas became the chairman of the board of LTOU

Gediminas Almantas, appointed Chairman of the Board of LTOU. Company photo

The newly appointed board of AB Lietuvos ooro uostai (LTOU) elected Gediminas Almantas, the former general director of this company, as the chairman of the board during the first meeting.

The board currently consists of four independent members, the company said.

“The board of the new term stands out for its competences in international development, aviation, infrastructure project management and digitization. The combination of these competences accurately responds to the strategic tasks of this term”, G. Almantas is quoted in the LTOU report.

He emphasizes that during the term of office the company’s board will focus on several strategic and fundamental change-oriented goals: the qualitative and aesthetic transformation of the Vilnius airport infrastructure, the development of the “airport city” concept, increasing the accessibility of Lithuania, the good aspects of harmony, environmental protection, social sustainability and governance ( English ESG) practitioner.

G. Almantas, who has an education in the field of aviation law and has practiced in this field of law, has been the head of Lithuanian airports (2014-2018). He worked as a sustainability advisor at Copenhagen Airports and also served as a board member of the Airports Association International in Brussels.

Mr. Almantas shares his knowledge while teaching at the Toulouse ENAC aviation institute (France) on the topic of airport network management. The new chairman of the board has accumulated many years of experience working on the boards of various companies, such as EPSO-G, Oro Navigacija, Lithuanian Red Cross.

Eglė Čiužaitė, Tadas Arvydas Vizgirda and Danas Strombergas, who won this year’s selection of independent members, work together with G. Almantas on the board. A civil servant will also be delegated to the board of the new term in the near future.

The term of office of the company’s board members lasts 4 years.

Lithuanian Airports (LTOU) manages three international airports – Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. The rights and duties of the company owner are implemented by the Ministry of Transport.

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