A message to the police: a child brought a curved knife to school in Vilnius

A message to the police: a child brought a curved knife to school in Vilnius
A message to the police: a child brought a curved knife to school in Vilnius

The worried mother said that she would not have contacted the journalists if the idea of ​​decriminalizing cannabis had not been raised at the moment, because, according to her, it is quite easy for young people to get the drug anyway.

On Wednesday, the Law and Order Committee of the Seimas approved the decriminalization of cannabis from 2024. Soon, changes to the legislation, which are still criticized by some opposition forces, should be prepared for a vote in the Seimas.

Vilnius county VPK on Wednesday, around 11 a.m. received a message from the school’s social pedagogue. It was reported that the student had a knife. VPK officers, a squad of mobile company officers were informed.

The officers were met at the scene by a social pedagogue, who explained that the students approached her after telling them that a classmate brought a folding knife to school, which he showed to the children.

According to the report, there were no threats, but the children got scared and started calling their parents.

Meanwhile, to 15 minutes the mother of a child studying at S.Daukant’s pro-gymnasium applied, who testified that the teenager might have been under the influence of narcotics at the time of the incident. However, she did not provide any evidence for her claims.

“If this decriminalization law had not been pushed, I would not have applied. But when things like this happen, I can’t stay silent. Nonsense happens when it’s illegal, but what will happen when it becomes legal?”, the worried woman complained.

The student’s mother said that after returning from school, her child told her about a teenager who came to school and showed a knife. The storyteller’s own child was having a lesson at that time, the minor watched the officers going to school “with automatic weapons”.

“There is no information from the school management. As I understood, they are trying to keep it quiet. There were no reports, no official explanations, nothing,” she said.

“Today (Thursday – official post) in the morning, the only message was from a social pedagogue that training on the effects of e-cigarettes and drugs is being organized. And the number of places is limited. And not half a word about this event,” said the woman.

According to the police, no one filed claims after the incident, the material was transferred to the police station for clarification.

Information has also been submitted to the Child Rights Protection Service.

The school’s comment will be added

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