Restaurant patrons are invited to suggest their favorites for the “Top 30 Restaurants” list

Restaurant patrons are invited to suggest their favorites for the “Top 30 Restaurants” list
Restaurant patrons are invited to suggest their favorites for the “Top 30 Restaurants” list

“The short list of 60 candidate restaurants automatically includes all the restaurants that made it to the TOP30 best last year. We can see that the restaurant market has changed rapidly over the past year, filled with new names and faces, many restaurants with a unique concept have opened their doors, so this year, when compiling a list of 60 candidates, we want to ask the public’s voice as well.

We invite those who often visit restaurants, appreciate the gastronomic culture, to express their opinion and suggest who could apply for the best ranking”, says Linas Petrukaitis, founder of the Good Food Academy.

How to express your opinion?

Restaurant visitors are invited to express their opinion on the social networks of the “30 best restaurants” ranking – Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin accounts.

Restaurant visitors have two weeks until April 15 to name their favorites.

The organizers of the ranking, taking into account the list of all catering establishments operating in Lithuania, will announce the list of 60 candidate restaurants in the second half of April. After that, members of the Good Food Academy will compile a top 30 ranking over several months, which will be published in July.

Who took the first places in the ranking last year?

First place in 2023 the representative of modern cuisine inspired by the Goa region in India – Gaspar’s restaurant in Vilnius, founded by Gaspar Fernandes and his wife Kristina Fernandes, won the rating.

To the second place in 2023. Džiaugsmas, a local cuisine restaurant of well-known chef Martynas Praškevičius, serving creative dishes from the best quality products grown in Lithuania, left the ranking. “Dziaugsmas” has taken first place in the “30 best restaurants” list twice in a row so far.

“Gastronomika” by Lutaurs Čepracks was in the third place.

The restaurant ranking is organized by the Good Food Academy together with the Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association, the Lithuanian Association of Head Chefs and Pastry Chefs and the magazine Geras Skonis.

About 100 evaluators have the right to evaluate restaurants, including all candidate restaurants and well-known and professional representatives of the HORECA industry

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