After the terrorist attack in Moscow, he turned his attention to Lithuania: it is difficult to sleep after such speeches


France immediately raised its terror threat level after the attack.

“This is a consistent measure given who is behind this attack and the fact that this group has tried to attack France several times,” French President Emmanuel Macron said on March 25.

Kęstutis Budrys, adviser to President Gitanas Nausėda, says that Lithuanian services should be much more careful.

“In the past, we also had several cases when citizens of Tajikistan were deported from Lithuania due to threats to national security, namely due to connections with extremist, terrorist organizations,” K. Budrys told the media last week.

Last year, the number of foreigners in Lithuania exceeded 200,000 for the first time, although Ukrainians and Belarusians make up the largest share, and arrivals from Central Asia are increasing. The number of Kyrgyz and Uzbeks doubled last year. Temporary residence permits in Lithuania are currently issued to more than 6 thousand citizens of Tajikistan. And in Central Asia, Islamist activities are mixed with opposition activities directed against the long-standing regimes of those countries.

“We should also look very carefully and attentively at the communities near us, which have also grown from Central Asian states. In no way does it mean that everyone who comes is involved in possible extremist activities, I am not suggesting that. However, the risk factor is unequivocally there,” said K. Budrys.

The leader of the opposition Democratic Union “Vardan Lietuvos” Saulius Skvernelis, for his part, said that who could deny that the radicalization of people from Central Asia cannot cause the same problems in Lithuania.

However, it seems that it is not clear what the actual number of foreigners in Lithuania is. Because the police raid that took place some time ago showed that they not only live successfully in Lithuania, but also work only without a permit.

“Maybe they were once there legally, but now they are illegal.” And they manage to take out those certificates of individual activity”, Head of the Migration Department Evelina Gudzinskaitė told LNK news.

As many as 6 foreigners were caught during one raid in Vilnius: two Azerbaijanis, a Kyrgyz, a Kazakh and a Tajik. Everyone lives and works in Lithuania without any permits. And for another detained Kyrgyz, the Migration Department not only canceled the permit, but also banned him from entering Lithuania for three years. It is said that the foreigner had most likely left Lithuania, as provided by law.

However, as E. Gudzinskaitė said, a person could return to Lithuania from, for example, Poland or Latvia without anyone knowing.

“And until he is discovered in Lithuania, he will be here,” said E. Gudzinskaitė.

Seimas member S. Skvernelis said that there is a problem with security in Lithuania. The head of the Migration Department testified that such situations reveal the imperfection of the Schengen system.
The State Border Protection Service (VSAT) ensures that everyone who does not have or whose permit has expired leaves Lithuania within 30 days.

If they know the foreigner’s place of residence, they go to check. If not, the service selectively stops and checks cars at certain times. So as long as you don’t get raided, you can do whatever you want.

“They will still be determined later or sooner,” the VSAT representative assured LNK news.

S. Skvernelis told LNK news that it is really difficult to sleep peacefully after listening to such speeches.

There were 44 such inspections this year, during which 19 foreigners were found who violated the legal stay in the Republic of Lithuania, the majority of which were post-Soviet countries, said the VSAT representative.

And the Migration Department reports that an increasing number of foreigners are appealing the department’s decisions to the court in order to spend at least another six months in Lithuania.

According to the department, foreigners are abusive. For example, those who come to Lithuania to work as carriers do not even have the right to do so.

“You cannot get a residence permit on that basis. That’s why all sorts of schemes are invented to fictitiously or semi-fictitiously work somewhere, on that basis to have a residence permit, but in fact to carry out one’s real activity according to individual activity, as a delivery driver”, said E. Gudzinskaitė.

It is expected that the situation will be corrected by the common control system of the Schengen area. It is expected to be created this year.

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