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The new era of “Vilnius Public Transport” trolleybuses will begin this summer. According to the company “Vilniaus viešasis transportas” and “Škoda Group” as early as 2023. signed contract, the first 20 vehicles will reach the streets of the capital in August this year. The other 71 trolleybuses ordered under the contract will start traveling in Vilnius in 2025. January-March The total value of the contract is more than 52 million. Eur.

“We fully understand that in order to increase the number of residents choosing to travel by public transport, we have to offer the people of Vilnius a fast, convenient and affordable alternative to a private car. Therefore, we invest very consistently in the attractiveness of public transport – we started with the renovation of the city’s trolleybus fleet. This year, we will also announce new tenders for the service of bus routes with electric buses, and in the next few years we will add hydrogen buses to the fleet,” says Vilnius City Mayor Valdas Benkunskas.

“The new trolleybuses will not only contribute to sustainable solutions being implemented in Vilnius more and more rapidly, but will also ensure more comfortable and attractive travel conditions for residents and guests of the city of Vilnius. We strictly adhere to the work plan – the first Škoda 32Tr trolleybus has already been produced, and 12 more are in the process of production. Some of the new trolleybuses will be running on the streets of the capital this year, and in the second phase we will get another 71 – this way we will renew the majority of the trolleybus fleet”, says Ignas Degutis, director of UAB “Vilniaus public transport”.

He shares that Škoda Group is already conducting all the mandatory tests for the first trolleybus, which will allow to assess the vehicle’s reliability, safety and operational characteristics – only then will the vehicle be issued with an approval certificate (homologation completed), thus confirming its suitability for smooth journeys on the streets of Vilnius. Both the first and all other newly produced trolleybuses will be tested in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

The new trolleybuses are comfort for both the passenger and the driver

We remind you that the new “Škoda 32Tr” model trolleybuses will be low-floor, 12 m long and run autonomously, so they will be able to travel up to 20 km without a contact network. The trolleybuses will be equipped with a safety system – SOS and A-band buttons that record events on video, as well as collision protection and automatic fire extinguishing.

The trolleybuses will be fully air-conditioned and ventilated both in the passenger compartment and in the driver’s cabin. The public vehicle will also be adapted for people with individual needs – it will be equipped with a ramp, fastening belts, and special buttons for reporting the need for help. Trolleybuses will have bicycle mounting equipment that will allow bicycles to be transported in its cabin.

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