Today in Taurage: it will be windy Taurage courier

Today in Taurage: it will be windy Taurage courier
Today in Taurage: it will be windy Taurage courier

Precipitation – rain, drizzle – is expected in many areas on Wednesday. Wind west, northwest, 9-14 m/s, gusts 15-20 m/s in many places, up to 23 m/s on the coast. Highest temperature 2-6 degrees Celsius.

In the country, road surfaces of national significance are wet, in some places there are dry road sections, road surfaces in southern Lithuania are mostly dry. No precipitation. Air temperature from 2 to 5 degrees Celsius.

Precipitation is expected in many places on Thursday night, mostly light, sleet and snow will prevail, and it will rain a little in places in the western regions during the day. At night, it is bare in places. Wind at night mainly from the north, 8-13 m/s, some gusts 15-17 m/s, changing direction during the day, 5-10 m/s. Temperature at night from 3 degrees of cold to 2 degrees of heat, during the day 4-9 degrees of heat.

On Friday, there will be precipitation in many places, rain will prevail. The wind is mainly from the south, at night 5-10 m/s, during the day 7-12 m/s. The temperature at night is 0-5 degrees Celsius, during the day 6-11 degrees, in many places in the southern regions it is 12-14 degrees Celsius.

The mayor of Tauragė district will participate in the meeting of the Regional Development Council.


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