Oliver Tree, one of the world’s most mysterious music stars, is coming to Vilnius – MadeinVilnius.lt

Oliver Tree, one of the world’s most mysterious music stars, is coming to Vilnius – MadeinVilnius.lt
Oliver Tree, one of the world’s most mysterious music stars, is coming to Vilnius – MadeinVilnius.lt

Another new entry and exclusive music event in the summer concert calendar of the music agency “8 Days A Week”. The illegitimate son of fictional British spy Austin Powers, Oliver Tree is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and enigmatic characters in the music and entertainment industry. It is confirmed that on July 14 the American Oliveris Tree will hold a performance in the large courtyard of Lukiškii Prison, Vilnius. For the young generation of Lithuanian music lovers, his concert in the capital is the greatest gift of this year.

In the eyes of his fans, he is already a legend, viral an artist and a real sensation. From his unique fashion sense to his eclectic music style, Oliver Tree never asks for anything. The tendency to push the boundaries and go against the norms sets his personality apart from others. He makes waves with his distinctive vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. His authenticity and rejection of the standards of the entertainment business have earned him fans around the world.

Today, Oliver Tree has billions of views and millions of followers on social media. He is happy with life, loyal to rock and roll and absolutely different from other artists. Oliver charms his devoted and growing audience with Dadaist and Andy Kaufman-worthy meta humor that explores and exposes the absurdity, obsession with fame and social media of modern culture. The artist’s work reflects the light and darkness of human nature in popular culture, touching on loneliness, isolation and similar human experiences. Oliver Tree is always open about his mental health and actively uses his platforms to educate and encourage self-care. Oliver embraces his uniqueness and encourages others to do the same, inspiring his fans to embrace their individuality.

Every artist has a story, and so does Oliver Tree. With his signature bobbed hairdo, front tooth that is ‘falling out’, glasses that are too small and clothes that are too big, Oliver Tree has attracted attention around the world. His charisma and stage presence there is something like that. Fact: His interviews are some of the funniest in the music industry. But behind the eccentric appearance, there is a sensitive personality, a talented songwriter, producer, film director and even an experienced scooterist, by the way, the owner of the world’s largest scooter and a Guinness record holder.

About Oliver Tree

His real name is Oliver Tree Nickell. He is an American contemporary artist, self-taught producer, comedian, filmmaker from Santa Cruz, California. The colorful character he created, Oliver Tree, successfully blurs the lines between memes and music with his hilariously quirky attacks on the internet. In music, Oliver Tree juggles indie pop and hip-hop-infused dance music.

According to Rolling Stone, Oliver Tree wins despite defying the usual standards of the entertainment business: he exists in a constant state of eccentric character, behaving like a hooligan with a penchant for crazy videos and swagger jokes, and those scooters. VICE calls Oliver “a music-making meme machine” and Billboard calls him “a hilarious alt-pop prankster.” On this tour, he lets a stripped-down version of himself “warm up” his concerts. Whether he’s singing over pop-punk guitars and handclaps, or rapping over a beat beatOliver’s music finds an emotional resonance in the loneliness of the ages – the loneliness of man.

Being forced to rattle the piano at an early age had completely turned the California beach teenager off from music. He found friends and purpose in scooters frozen competition, but one accident changed the trajectory of his life forever. A chance test of a guitar in a music store and a fascination with David Bowie brought Oliver back into the musical orbit.

In 2010, under the name simply Tree, Oliver began his musical career. He released his debut album “Splitting Branches” on his own, and also tried himself in the roles of the vocalist of the ska group “Irony” and the dubstep producer. At the age of 20, he signed a contract with the London label “R&S Records” and released the short album “Demons”. Radiohead’s Thom Yorke liked Oliver’s version of the band’s song “Karma Police”, which gave the album a lot of attention, but Tree suddenly dropped everything and returned to study music technology at the California Institute of the Arts.

Oliver recorded several songs during his studies, but his first success came when he collaborated with Whethan on the song “When I’m Down”. Tree soon signed a contract with a major player in the music business, Atlantic Records, and success smiled. It is said that in the office of this corporation, Oliver staged a scooter accident and presented his vision to the executives with a bleeding mouth thanks to a capsule of artificial blood. With more opportunities, the creator began to create not only new music, but also crazy video clips that became his calling card, which he himself directs and, of course, acts in them himself, sometimes performing tricks that are not advisable to try at home.

Oliver filmed the music video for the single “Hurt” from his debut album Ugly Is Beautful (2020) in Ukraine. In it, you can see the famous monster scooter, with which the artist was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Locally, the tireless workaholic released two more albums, Cowboy Tears (2022) and Alone In a Crowd (2023). The album was produced by Grammy-nominated and hard-hitting producer Robin Schulz, and Oliver co-produced the first single with renowned DJ and producer David Guetta.

Just a few weeks ago in his native California, Oliver Tree finished the world tour of his latest album, which he started in New Zealand last October. By the way, Oliver performed even where only “Metallica” had played so far – in Antarctica. At the end of 2023, together with another star, Diplo, they played on the ultra-luxury cruise ship “The World Voyager”, sailing to this very continent.

Oliver made a documentary about his journey, drawing public attention and raising money for the fight against climate change, which is rapidly contributing to the warming of the oceans and the melting of the ice shelf, which is causing Antarctica to disappear at an alarming rate.

There is much more to this talented artist than meets the eye. Whether it’s his passion for extreme sports, his love of quirky retro fashion, or his dedication to philanthropy, Oliver Tree is a true enigma worth exploring.

Helado Negro, La Femme, Warhaus, Yungblud, Jungle, Fontaines DC, Sleaford Mods, Two Feet, Jacob Collier will also play in Vilnius this season at the invitation of forward-looking music agency “8 Days A Week”. , Asaf Avidan, Devendra Banhart and Jessie Ware.

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