Ratings of educational institutions: how did Alytus do?


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“Reingai” magazine announced the 2024 the latest evaluations of the country’s educational institutions and indicators. They include gymnasiums, pro-gymnasiums, leading universities of the country, colleges and vocational training centers that prepare students best for exams. How did the educational institutions of the city of Alytus do in this ranking?

St. Benedict’s high school

Alytus St. Benedict’s high school. Last year, she ranked 17th. Alytus Adolfos Ramanauskas-Vanagas Gymnasium dropped from 11th to 23rd place. Alytus Jotvingiai rose from 160th place to 120th, and Putinai Gymnasium rose from 202nd to 194th place.

The graduates of the city of Alytus were accompanied by success in entering Lithuanian higher education institutions. in 2023 61.2 percent (2019 – 48.98 percent) Alytus St. Benediktas high school students continued their education in higher schools. 54.31 percent (2019 – 43.4 percent) Adolfo Ramanauskas-Vanagos, 34.64 percent. (43.02%) of Jotvingia high schools and 28.85 (35.13%) graduates chose higher education studies at universities.

Šaltinės pro-gymnasium is in the highest place in the ranking of pro-gymnasiums

Šaltinės pro-gymnasium is in the highest position among all the pro-gymnasiums in the city of Alytus in the ranking of pro-gymnasiums. It ranks 67th. In 79th place is Dainava, 100th – Vidzgiris, 102nd – “Volungės”, 105th – Likiškėliės, 121st – Panemunė and 154th Piliakalnis pro-gymnasium.

in 2024 Alytus college rose from 11th to 6-7th place in the ranking of Lithuanian colleges. Last year, the Alytus Vocational Training Center, which was in third place in the ranking of professional schools, was in fifth place this year.
In this educational institution, in 2022-2023, the largest number of students – 87 – acquired the specialty of preschool education teacher, and the most popular profession among entrants was cosmetology.

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