The last reading of the “Russian law” begins in Sakartvel

The last reading of the “Russian law” begins in Sakartvel
The last reading of the “Russian law” begins in Sakartvel

The third and final reading of the law, which critics call “Russian”, will begin in Tbilisi on Monday, and it is planned to be voted on in the plenary session on Tuesday, Speaker of Parliament Shalva Papuashvilis said.

The ruling “Sakartvelo Dream” party has stated that it wants to ensure greater transparency of funding provided to foreign non-governmental organizations.

However, tens of thousands of residents took to the streets of Tbilisi, the capital of the former Soviet republic, to protest against this legislation. Critics accuse the government of drafting the proposed law after Russia’s “foreign agents” law to hinder the work of independent associations and media outlets.

Riot police, armed with water cannons and tear gas, reportedly used force against protesters who were picketing outside parliament. Footage showing two detainees being kicked and beaten by police has gone viral on social media.

In Russia, the label of “foreign agents” has many organizations and individuals experiencing serious problems because of it.

The measure is seen as a way to silence critics of tools of political repression, and protesters believe it would hurt their country’s chances of becoming a member of the European Union.

Perhaps in an attempt to show its willingness to relent, after President Salome Zurabićvili threatened to veto the law, “Sakartvel’s dream” indicated that its provisions could be softened. Meanwhile, the opposition parties in the country demand the complete abandonment of this law.

President Sakartwell proposed delaying the entry into force of the “foreign agents” law

Sakartveli President Salome Zurabishvili called on the ruling party to withdraw the law on “foreign agents” or postpone its entry into force until November 1, ie after the parliamentary elections scheduled for October 26. This is reported by “Echo Kavkaza”.

During the briefing, S. Zurabishvili made it clear that he does not agree with the government’s proposal to change the law through the veto mechanism. She also stated that parliament should not expect her to allow herself to be manipulated.

“This law is Russian, the methods of our government are Russian, and even the prime minister’s language today is Russian,” she said.

The President said that on May 11, Sakartvelas once again showed the world that he will not allow his European future to be called into question and the adoption of a “Russian law”.

Earlier, Prime Minister Iraklijus Kobachidze stated that the Sakartveli authorities are ready to discuss changes to the “foreign agents” law only after it is passed.

As reported by “Ukrinform”, on May 1, the Parliament of Sakartvelo approved the draft law “On transparency of foreign influence” in the second reading. As a result, there are mass protests in the country.

Echo Kavkaza reported on Monday that Sakartveli’s parliamentary legal committee took 67 seconds to consider and approve the law on “foreign agents” during its third reading. The representatives of the opposition did not have time to come to the committee meeting, because they were not allowed to enter the parliament building for some time.

At least 200,000 people may have taken part in an anti-government protest in Tbilisi on Saturday demanding the repeal of the “foreign agents” law.

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