How to make your home smarter: it only takes a few minutes

How to make your home smarter: it only takes a few minutes
How to make your home smarter: it only takes a few minutes

Even more convenient to use

Smarter home system – designed to control home lighting, blinds, heating, security systems – all you need to do is connect the equipment to a common network. “Home functions connected to a common network with JUNG HOME work together and open up unlimited possibilities, especially for those homeowners who are interested in a more sustainably operated home – it can monitor the energy consumption of individual devices or reduce heating costs,” says V.Bijūnas.

A new device has been added to the JUNG HOME product range – the JUNG HOME network adapter, which allows connecting the already installed JUNG HOME smart home system to the Internet of Things via the “myJUNG” cloud. In other words, connect it to the Internet. Owners of smarter homes can now control their JUNG HOME system even more conveniently and simply – by remote control or voice commands via a virtual assistant such as Google or Amazon Alexa.

Lower the room temperature, pull back the curtains, turn on or off the lighting, and perhaps activate the entire smart home scenario – by communicating with the system by voice, it will be possible to do this without even getting up from the sofa.

Using the JUNG HOME network adapter, the system can also be connected to Samsung SmartThings – this Samsung app connects smart home elements: smart lights, thermostats, smart TVs and even robot vacuum cleaners – into a single ecosystem and allows control via smartphone, voice or a smart watch.

Adapt to individual needs

A smart home enabled by the JUNG HOME system has many advantages: not only convenience, energy efficiency, technological innovation and a smaller carbon footprint. JUNG HOME allows you to control and automate various home functions, such as lighting and temperature, which alone makes the home much more comfortable.

In addition, JUNG HOME is easy to adapt to individual needs, creating various smart home scenarios. For example, heating and lighting are only switched on when there are people in the room, which helps to significantly reduce energy consumption. By optimizing energy use with smart thermostats and lighting, smart homes not only help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also help significantly reduce utility bills.

One of the most important advantages of the JUNG HOME system is the ease of installation – no special electrical installation is required, it is enough to replace old switches or thermostats with JUNG HOME analogues. Smarter homes can be built gradually – at any stage, an electrician can add more JUNG HOME devices, even by installing them next to switches in a conventional installation.

Increasingly popular

A smart home is affordable for many and can be created without any stress. After installing even one JUNG HOME smart socket, you can immediately feel its convenience – from now on you can control it simply by phone, even from another room.

By combining more and more JUNG HOME elements, they complement each other, thus providing more and more comfort and expanding the limits of possibilities. For example, the aforementioned scenario creation, control of heating, curtains, blinds, sockets, etc. – just a smartphone will be enough to conduct this entire orchestra. JUNG HOME allows you to gradually get involved in this process of creating a smart home ecosystem, and the benefits of the system only grow with each new device – this will be confirmed by the reduced electricity bills.

“It can be predicted that smart homes will move from the luxury sector to mass, everyday use and become accessible to practically everyone, especially after the appearance of the JUNG HOME system on the market, which helps create smarter homes – both new and old constructions, especially since we can no longer imagine our everyday life or our own without technology in the home of life”, said V. Bijūnas.

It is also important that JUNG HOME components are of the same quality and style as regular JUNG devices: from the usual white switch to all 63 colors of the “Les Couleurs Le Corbusier” palette, so they will fit perfectly into any interior.

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