“Venipak” group exceeds 100 mln. Eur cartel, concentrates on tomatoes and e. trade

“Venipak” group exceeds 100 mln. Eur cartel, concentrates on tomatoes and e. trade
“Venipak” group exceeds 100 mln. Eur cartel, concentrates on tomatoes and e. trade

Justas ablinskas, head of Venipak group. Photo of Judita Grigelyts (V).

5 million in four years. The group that has invested in the Eur patomat network plans another 1.5 million per year. pltr, grows e. services for trade.

Looking back on the past year, Venipak, an international shipping company with Lithuanian capital, announces that the turnover of the group will reach 101 million in 2023. Eur.

The company’s announcement indicates that in 2023, it will continue to expand its partner network in the Baltic countries: at the end of the year, the total number of partners in Lithuania reached 270. 20 new partners were held during the year, 60 existing ones were lost. In Latvia, we ended the year with 200 patomats, in Estonia, 160 patomats were newly prepared.

We started actively implementing our network in 2020, and during that time we have already invested more than 5 million in the Baltic states. Eur. The first market was Lithuania, followed by Latvia, and last year we finally completed expansion in Estonia, thus combining all three sides into a single network, says Justas Ablinskas, the company’s manager, as quoted in the report. He observes that home delivery is becoming an increasingly popular option.

Venipak shipment delivery. Photo of Judita Grigelyts (V).

Over the course of the year, the company plans to expand its branch network in the Baltic region to 800 branches: in Lithuania, it is planned to open 115 new branches and increase 75 existing ones, in Estonia, 30 new branches should appear by the end of the year, and 50 existing branches will be closed.

patomat network pltr in Lithuania and Estonia is scheduled to invest another 1.5 million per year. Eur.

Became e. trade wholesaler

According to J. ablinskas, the year 2023 was particularly important for the moni group to expand beyond the Baltic region with the Netherlands e. Today, the commercial wholesaler operates under the name Venipak Commerce.

He says that the Netherlands was chosen purposefully: 74% of all Internet users in the Benelux region buy goods online, which is 10% more than the European average.

With this step, we are changing our business model, now we are not only a courier company, but also an e-mail company. wholesaler This business is not yet formed, it has great potential not only in Europe, but all over the world. For example, most e-mail the store still works directly with suppliers and manufacturers, and we want to offer them the best local solutions with fast delivery to any European market within 24 hours, says J. ablinskas.

Praplt manager’s command

During the past year, the Venipak group team grew by 11%, and the career ladder within the company increased by about 13%.

According to J. ablinskas, great attention is also paid to the management team: the companies operating in Latvia, Estonia and the Netherlands have independent managers who are responsible for local teams and the implementation of goals. Taking into account the long-term strategic direction of the business, the position of international development manager appeared last year. Your name Sabina Baiulien is responsible for e-mail. for the development of commerce, the synergy of the services provided by the company in order to achieve exponential growth and complete order fulfillment (eng. fulfillment) services pltr in Europe.

According to J. Ablinskas, iemet company will continue to transform poir e-mail. trade logistics, to provide integrated solutions that reflect the needs of the growing sector, as well as to focus on automation, increase efficiency and ensure a good customer experience.

Other large shipping services operating in Lithuania are just starting to publish their financial results. It appears that UAB Omniva LT, managed by the Estonian state, increased its sales revenue to 29.2 million last year. EUR, and the net profit is 0.7 million. Eur.

For now, AB Lietuvos patas will only announce the results of the first half of 2023, when 55.6 million were received. EUR sales revenue, and the net profit reached 5.3 million. Eur.

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