Most Poles oppose the introduction of the euro

Most Poles oppose the introduction of the euro
Most Poles oppose the introduction of the euro

The majority of the Polish population does not want their country to join the euro zone, the country’s media reports, based on the results of the United Surveys survey.

A sociological study revealed that 66.8 percent Poles would not want to exchange zlotys for euros, almost half of them said they were “definitely against” Poland’s membership in the euro zone.

Only 27.3% expressed support for the introduction of the euro in Poland. respondents.

20 years after Poland joined the European Union, support for eurozone membership remains relatively low in the country

20 years after Poland’s accession to the European Union, support for membership in the euro zone in the country remains relatively weak, and Poles are particularly worried about the rise in prices of basic goods and the dependence of fiscal policy on decisions made in Brussels. By the way, skepticism about eurozone membership does not depend on political views, according to the survey report.

However, contrary to public fears, many of the country’s economists believe that joining the euro zone would bring significant economic and political benefits to Poland.

Seven EU member states – Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Sweden and Hungary – still have national currencies.

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