OSCE: Repression in Russia has reached a new level

OSCE: Repression in Russia has reached a new level
OSCE: Repression in Russia has reached a new level

According to the report, persecution of the opposition, media and independent organizations has reached new heights in the past few months. “The main tactic of the Russian authorities is intimidation,” German lawyer Angelika Nusberger said while presenting the analysis.

In July, 38 of the 57 OSCE member countries commissioned A. Nusberger to prepare a report on the situation of human rights, the rule of law and democracy in Russia. Moscow refused to cooperate with the lawyer and did not allow her to come to Russia. Nusberger’s research was based on interviews with representatives of civil society and former and current Russian government officials, whose identities have not been disclosed for security reasons.

A. Nusberger’s report states that Russian President Vladimir Putin has direct control over all the country’s law enforcement agencies. According to A. Nusberger, since the beginning of V. Putin’s second term in 2012 Many repressive laws have been passed in Russia. The report added that propaganda and violence in the country had created a “climate of fear and intimidation”.

The lawyer called on the OSCE to provide targeted support to Russian journalists, human rights activists and lawyers who have gone abroad for their safety. A. Nusberger also recommended that the United Nations Human Rights Council appoint an expert observer of Russia.

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