What the world is writing: panicking Russia is heading for totalitarianism

Le Figaro: China does not like Russian nuclear threats

The French newspaper “Le Figaro” points out that Putin is losing the support of China and India.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who maintains a strong strategic partnership with Moscow, bluntly warned Putin that “this is not the time for war.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping said the same, but in a Chinese style, smiling and using hints. He suggested injecting “positive energy” and “stability” into the international system.

Scanpix/ITAR-TASS photo/Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin

It was a way of reminding Putin that while he supports his ambition to change the world order and dislodge Western influence, he does not support his destructive methods because they create chaos and anarchy, which is not good for China’s economic development, Le Figaro writes.

Beijing does not like it when the Kremlin poses a nuclear threat. Russia’s attack on a sovereign UN member state also contradicts China’s diplomatic doctrine and sets a dangerous precedent. These and other reasons explain why Beijing refused to deliver the weapons requested by Putin. China and Russia’s “unlimited friendship” is being tested, says French newspaper journalist Isaebell Lasserre.

Gazeta Wyborcza: mobilization is not partial

Columnist Ivan Preobraženski told Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland’s largest independent daily, that “the Russian president declared war on his countrymen a long time ago.”

“For many years, he treated people as cannon fodder to achieve his goals. It is no different now. The Russian president is going to send hundreds of thousands of citizens to Ukraine to fight and die there, because he wants it,” the commentator testified.

AP/Scanpix photo/Vladimir Putin

He does not agree that only partial mobilization is currently being carried out in Russia.

“What we’re seeing now is the first wave of classic all-out war mobilization.” Although the authorities claim that it is partial, it can affect everyone who can perform military service”, believes I. Preobraženskis.

He is convinced that there is talk of partial mobilization in order to avoid mass protests.

“After the introduction of martial law and the official declaration of general mobilization, the Russians would no longer be able to pretend that nothing is happening. The government itself would have forced them into the streets. Therefore, the Kremlin chose this form of action,” the Russian political analyst explained.

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