Victoria Siegel revealed that her erotic photos were made public: a ransom was demanded | Names

Victoria Siegel revealed that her erotic photos were made public: a ransom was demanded | Names
Victoria Siegel revealed that her erotic photos were made public: a ransom was demanded | Names

Well-known representatives of the entertainment world also agree with this, having agreed to share their open stories on the show “Kiss, Rūta”. On Thursday night at 8 p.m., their stories could read like a script for a motion picture.

Victoria and Laurynas Suodaičiai shared their story on the show. The well-known couple, who had their first child together in September, were stunned a few months ago when the children’s rights service visited their home after an anonymous report about an allegedly neglected child.

“We honestly did not expect such a thing. I received the call. He said he received a complaint and wanted to check on us. For the first few minutes, there was also anger, I was definitely not in the best mood to answer the questions, because when you know that you have not earned anything and you get a call that you have to enter the house almost today because of a complaint written by someone, it’s a bit absurd,” the businesswoman said openly on the show and opinion maker Viktorija Siegel-Suodaitė.

Photo from social networks/Viktorijas Siegel-Suodaitė’s 28th birthday party

According to the spouses, the complaint received was completely false. It didn’t help that Victoria openly talked about her baby to a crowd of thousands of followers, who took advantage of it. On the show “Bučioju, Rūta”, Viktorija Siegel also opened up about her erotic photos published on social networks. The guys who stole them demanded a ransom for the recovery of these photos.

“These were very young people. Four years ago, they asked for maybe 500 or 800 euros. It wasn’t a huge amount, but it helped catch them. But the worst thing was when those boys came with their parents during the interview and their parents were crying. Then “we didn’t want to”, “we didn’t out of anger” starts. It’s really scary, because there is a criminal liability for such things, if you don’t reach adulthood, your life is ruined. I forgave”, V.Siegel said when the host of the show, Rūta Mikelkevičiūtė, was asked how he felt when the photos he sent to a loved one ended up on the Internet.

Communication specialist Saugirdas Vaitulionis also encountered a shocking experience. In the show “I kiss you”. Rūta”, he told about the home address that was made public on social networks and the onslaught of commentators that soon began. People on the Internet openly shared where the famous man lived, offered to break the windows of the house.

“It was just a suggestion to deal with it. And then I thought that’s it, something needs to be done because we are going in a bad direction. I think that everyone would be scared when faced with such a situation, when they take pictures and publicize where I sleep, where the bed is. You just don’t feel safe anymore”, shared S. Vaitulionis. He turned to the cyber security expert Mariė Pareščių for help, but he was faced with the fact that it was almost impossible to defend himself.

“Everyone would agree that what happens on the Internet is terrible, but also impunity. Although it’s just terrible there,” said the communication specialist. And that’s not all.

A well-known man has been receiving letters every day for 15 years from a fan who previously not only did not bother to write, but also found out what events Saugirdas Vaitulionis attends, who he communicates with, and directly pursued him.

“Pervert”, “idiot” and many others – such epithets, as one of the most successful opinion makers Naglimantas Bierancs says, no longer surprise him. He receives such and even worse words every day. But it was much harder to be open with your fans. Naglimantas, who became popular in a flash and gathered a huge army of followers, admits that he was very afraid to admit publicly about his orientation, because he thought he would lose everything.

“At some point, I began to doubt myself, because people praise me, say that I am honest and open, although I was not completely like that. All the female friends who were around were paired with me, and I was fed up with it. He even proposed to his cousin. However, I was hesitant to tell everyone, I wondered if it would harm me,” N. Bieranc recalled his confession about the orientation.

The show also featured more open stories – the actor Marius Jampolskis openly shared about his struggle with alcohol addiction, still thanking the Alcoholics Anonymous club for changing his life.

The show “Bučiujo, Rūta” – this Thursday evening, 8 p.m., on LNK

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