Verstappen on Red Bull engines: no need to panic

Verstappen on Red Bull engines: no need to panic
Verstappen on Red Bull engines: no need to panic

In 2026, the F-1 rules will change, and Red Bull, together with Ford, will start producing their own engines. Until now, Red Bull’s engines have been supplied by Honda, which will start working with Aston Martin. While Red Bull are simply dominating at the moment, there is growing talk that this glorious run could come to an end in a couple of years, fueling rumors of Max Verstappen’s exit as well.

However, the champion of the last three years reassures the situation and says that there is really nothing to panic about yet.

“If I had to speculate on all the subjects, then I would have to wonder if I’d be alive tomorrow, right?” So, I’m not too worried about this situation right now. Of course, I often talk to Christian Horner about this. We are all working together on this, and there is still a lot of time before 2026.

We know that this challenge is very serious and we do not think that we will implement everything very easily. There are a lot of experienced engine builders out there, so we don’t think it will be easy to beat them. However, many experienced professionals are working on the project and we are pleased with the progress being made. And time will tell how it will be”, – commented Mr. Verstappen on the situation.

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