we hope to have the first game here in the autumn at the latest

we hope to have the first game here in the autumn at the latest
we hope to have the first game here in the autumn at the latest

“The work on the stadium construction site is currently going on with the precision of a Swiss clock, we hope that the first football match will be played here at the beginning of autumn at the latest. Going into the development of sports infrastructure allows us not only to fulfill our mission, contributing to the development of young talents, but also to diversify our investment portfolio”, says Arvydas Avulis, chairman of Hanner’s board.

The joint investment of “Hanner” and stadium initiator Darvydas Šernos in the stadium under construction in the Lazdynai district of the capital will reach 2.5 million. euros.

“Football infrastructure in Vilnius is at an extremely low level compared to other European capitals. Without a favorable business approach to the football situation in our country, it would be difficult to achieve ambitious goals and cultivate talents of high sports excellence,” says D. Šernas, head of the Vilnius Football Academy.

According to him, big steps forward can only be made by helping business, solve not only infrastructure challenges, but also the issues of improving the qualifications of coaches and attract more children to sports.

On the site of the new football stadium, construction work has been actively underway since the beginning of March: old buildings have been demolished, and a drainage system has already been installed. The electrical installation works are continued, the ground is fixed, and modular buildings are manufactured.

The stadium will have a real artificial surface, the stands for 300 spectators will be covered with a roof. The building that will be erected next to it will be equipped with changing rooms, showers, a gym, administrative facilities, convenient access and parking spaces will be provided.

The stadium, which received the name “Hanner-VFA”, will become the official home of “Vilnius Football Academy”, trainings, competitions, tournaments and other events of the football community will be organized here throughout the year. According to D. Šerno, it will be possible to organize international competitions in the stadium meeting the highest standards.

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