The American, once again chosen as the MVP of the LKL month, has a clear goal: I want to reach the Euroleague

The American, once again chosen as the MVP of the LKL month, has a clear goal: I want to reach the Euroleague
The American, once again chosen as the MVP of the LKL month, has a clear goal: I want to reach the Euroleague

In March, he averaged 22 points, 8 rebounds, 1.6 assists and 27.4 assists.

“I feel very good, it is a great honor for me to achieve such an award in such a strong league as Betsafe-LKL.” I am very happy about it, but I would not have achieved it without the help of my teammates and coaches – I am grateful to them,” Z. Watermanas told

This is not Z. Waterman’s first prize for the most useful player, the guide from Kedaine already received it in December.

“It’s a similar feeling, I never play to win individual awards, I just want to win games and MVP trophies come with that and the help of my teammates.” Although MVP awards are not my goal, it is really nice to get them,” he smiled.

The 28-year-old 203 cm striker has shown exceptional stability throughout the Betsafe-LKL season, being among the most efficient and productive players in the league. For this, the legionnaire thanks the entire Kėdainiai team.

“I should turn to my teammates and coaches again, I’ll be honest. They are the ones who create good situations for me, allow me to receive the ball in time, all this is teamwork, without those other four guys on the field we could not play, no matter how stereotypical this statement of mine sounds,” said Z. Waterman.

He is the undoubted guide of Nevėžio-Optibet, on whose shoulders rests the great responsibility of the leader. True, the legionnaire himself tries not to emphasize this.

“I just don’t think about it, I try not to take responsibility and think of myself as a leader, although I try to lead my teammates forward. If I can, I try to make the work of others as easy as possible. I think it comes naturally, I try to communicate with the team with words, to talk about how we can better accomplish something in defense or attack”, said Z. Waterman.

His most impressive performance of the month of March and of the entire season came against Utena’s Uniclub Casino – Juventus, when he scored 35 points, 9 rebounds and 46 assists in 35 minutes.

“I didn’t feel special, it seemed like a normal day to me. Utena and I have met countless times this season, including the Citadele KMT tournament, I knew what to expect from these opponents and that made the game easier for me. I didn’t have to think too much because I knew what I was going to get,” he says.

Z. Waterman, who lacks confidence, says that he tries to keep this quality of his at the highest level throughout the season.

“You don’t play well if you don’t have confidence. There will be days when you will do worse or you will miss – it is unrealistic that everything will be equally good all the time, but you must always maintain the right attitude so that such moments do not break you”, says Z. Waterman.

There were players who left the “Betsafe-LKL” clubs during the season, but the leader of the Kėdainiai team did not even consider such a possibility and did not delve into possible offers.

“During the season, I don’t worry about it and give the agent a rest, I just want to concentrate on the season in Kėdainiai and aim for the playoffs.” Winning here is my only focus. I will think about the future in the summer,” he smiled.

It is true that the playoffs are a difficult challenge for Nevėžius-Optibet. Currently, the team is ninth in the standings (6-17), and its closest competitor is CBet Jonava (8-14). The Kėdainiai team still has seven games left before the end of the regular season.

“We can definitely achieve it. We have had a difficult start to the season, but we can see that it is still realistic to reach the playoffs, which we will aim for. This is our main goal. We work hard for it. If we don’t achieve that, we will be disappointed, we are not even thinking about such a scenario for now. I hope everything will be fine”, said Z. Waterman.

The still bright Z. Waterman does not hide that his immediate future goal is to reach the highest level of European basketball.

“I want to reach the Euroleague, but I don’t know if it will happen next, next season or when. I just want to make the best possible chance I get, no matter what tournament it is. I don’t put pressure on where I don’t control the situation. I just hope for the best. Yes, I would really like to play in the EuroLeague or the European Cup, hopefully it will happen next season. If not, I will continue to fight for it,” he says.

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