Sanchez leaves McLaren unexpectedly


The McLaren team was shaken by unexpected changes.

On Thursday, the team officially confirmed that aerodynamics specialist David Sanchez, who only returned to the team before this season, has stepped down from his position.

The Frenchman left Ferrari in March 2023 and returned to McLaren earlier this year after a transition period.

D. Sanchez himself motivated his departure by the fact that his position in the team did not correspond to what was discussed before signing the contract.

“I want to thank you for the opportunity to be part of this team.

My role, which we talked about before signing the contract, did not match what I found when I got here. Nevertheless, I leave with a great deal of respect for this team and its leaders.

I want to wish McLaren the best of luck moving forward”, D. Sanchez commented on the situation.

McLaren manager Andrea Stella also commented on the specialist’s departure.

“After detailed discussions with D. Sanchez, a joint decision was made to end the cooperation.

We performed a detailed analysis and realized that our vision has changed significantly since the moment we agreed on cooperation,” said A. Stella.

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