In Lithuania – the elemental frenzy: the weather surprised even the forecasters this morning

In Lithuania – the elemental frenzy: the weather surprised even the forecasters this morning
In Lithuania – the elemental frenzy: the weather surprised even the forecasters this morning

This is what it looks likeuh Stnoionsuh site of the meteorological stationuh yesterdaya and this is how it looks this morning”, – on Facebook forecasters share photos of fallen snow.

This one in the morninga temperatureuhra reaches about 0, although still on Tuesdayto between 3-4 p.m. even 24 degrees of heat were measured.

So, in 16-17 hoursuh temperatureuhra dropped as much as 24 degrees. From summer to in wintera“, the forecasters write. shares that very few truhuntil April 2nd heat record: “Vilnius district. yesnoin Šumsk it warmed up to 24.0 °C (Stnoin ions – up to 23.9 °C), i.euhl to a new record accuhwhich is only 0.2 degrees (24.1 °C, Kybartai, 2017-04-02)”.

“Tuesday in Lithuania was very contrasting. morninguh In Lithuania spuhto warm him up up to 19-24 degreesuheveninguhin that part of the country – between 13-18 degreesuh. countrynothe main thing wasuhin the morning and afternoon, only 8-10 degreesuh. Daya it rained in places.

In the evening, after dark, there is thunder in the eastern districtsuhhis purchaseuhit was raining. In the morning, drizzle fell in places. Just overnightto Stnoin ions (26.8 mm) and Duhkšte (31.1 mm) fell, respectively, as much as 61 and 84% in Apriluhn. norms. at nightto lowest air temperatureuhreachuh 0-5 degrees Celsius. Vuhhis streetuhthis is mainly in the southuhhalf of the countryuhif you wantuh up to 15-20 m/s”, – Tuesday’s weather overviewforecasters.

It is noted that the predicted summer storm almost overtook Lithuania. Almost all lightning discharges are recorded over Belarus.

Weather forecast

Precipitation – rain, drizzle – is expected in many areas on Wednesday. Wind west, northwest, 9-14 m/s, gusts 15-20 m/s in many places, up to 23 m/s on the coast. Highest temperature 2-6 degrees Celsius.

Precipitation is expected in many places on Thursday night, mostly light, sleet and snow will prevail, and it will rain a little in places in the western regions during the day. At night, it is bare in places. Wind at night mainly from the north, 8-13 m/s, some gusts 15-17 m/s, changing direction during the day, 5-10 m/s. Temperature at night from 3 degrees of cold to 2 degrees of heat, during the day 4-9 degrees of heat.

On Friday, there will be precipitation in many places, rain will prevail. The wind is mainly from the south, at night 5-10 m/s, during the day 7-12 m/s. The temperature at night is 0-5 degrees Celsius, during the day 6-11 degrees, in many places in the southern regions it is 12-14 degrees Celsius.

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