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A flight attendant shared the news we all needed to hear, but none of us are ready to accept – some parts of the plane are full of germs.

In fact, she said there’s one part of the seat you should avoid touching at all costs because it’s far dirtier than any other part of the chair. But which part is it?

You might immediately think it’s a seat belt because all the passengers are touching it when they sit down. But surprisingly, it’s not the dirtiest part of the seat. According to a flight attendant who spoke to Ski Vertigo, the worst part is actually the pocket in the back of the seat. photo. / Airplane cabin

She said if you’re tempted to put things in your pocket, you should first consider taking steps to make sure the area is clean because you don’t know what else has been stored there.

“If you must use a seatback pocket, consider lining it with a disposable bag for your belongings,” she said.

If you must use a seatback pocket, consider lining it with a disposable bag for your belongings.

– This will not only keep your things clean, but also simplify cleaning and reduce your contact with possible dirt. For longer flights, consider carrying a small hygiene kit.”

Photo by Shutterstock. / Airplane cabin

The flight attendant said the kit could include “face masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and even a spare set of clothes in the carry-on.” As well as helping you get rid of germs faster, spare clothes will also help you change after a long flight – “helping you feel fresher”, especially as air travel is often sluggish.

This flight attendant isn’t the only one, as a previous Reddit thread where flight attendants shared their “disturbing airplane secrets” featured multiple posts on the same topic.

Photo by Shutterstock. / Airplane seat pocket

Photo by Shutterstock. / Airplane seat pocket

One person wrote: “I ALWAYS recommend never, never, never, never, EVER, NEVER use or put anything in a seat pocket. They are cleaned of debris, but never “cleaned”. I have pulled out and seen how everything is pulled out of there. Dirty wipes, sick bags, panties, socks, gum, half-sucked candy, apple cores… and on the next flight you go and put your phone or laptop in there.”

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