Ellex is increasing the gap in the Baltic countries by growing the ranks of partners

Ellex is increasing the gap in the Baltic countries by growing the ranks of partners
Ellex is increasing the gap in the Baltic countries by growing the ranks of partners

Law firm “Ellex Valiunas” is expanding the ranks of the firm’s partners, inviting them from April this year. to become associate partners of the firm dr. Ažuola Čekanavičius and Povila Junevičius. Having thus increased the number of partners to 51, Ellex further widens the gap in the market by further consolidating the position of the largest partner team in the Baltic region.

Povilas Junevičius started his professional career at “Ellex Valiunas” 15 years ago while still studying. All these years he worked in the Corporate Law, M&A practice team. Mr. Junevičius assists clients in creating the structures of holdings and corporate groups in Lithuania and in foreign countries, private clients and family offices in acquiring, investing, realizing property and structuring its management in various countries. His experience also includes corporate M&A, financing and investment, etc. transactions. He has provided legal services to clients such as German car manufacturer Daimler, global payment card giant Visa, one of Finland’s largest financial companies OP Financial Group and others. In addition to working with clients, P. Junevičius also excelled in creating a legal base in Lithuania. The lawyer prepared proposals regarding amendments to the laws of Joint Stock Companies, Economic Partnerships, the protection of objects important for ensuring national security and other laws.

Dr. Ėuolas Čekanavičius joined the “Ellex Valiunas” team four years ago already having solid experience. Lawyer, patent trustee has been representing clients in legal disputes for more than 16 years and advising them on various commercial law issues. He specializes in intellectual property, information technology, advertising and media legal regulation and has earned the trust of world-renowned brands such as Starbucks, About Baltic Underwear. His clients also include Dokobit, Free and Independent Channel, Sportland and others. The firm’s lawyer’s solid experience plays an important role in creating a regulatory environment – the lawyer actively participated in the drafting of the Law on Public Information and the drafts of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, and has solid academic experience.

“I am happy with the yearly growing team of partners of the firm. It’s grown by more than a third over the last five years, so it’s probably safe to say that Ellex Law Firm’s partner ranks are the fastest growing in the market. For me personally, it is very important that this growth is extremely balanced – we grow both by attracting talent from outside and by growing our own. Both P. Junevičius and А. Čekanavičius worked in the office for many years. With their work, they earned the trust of clients and the appreciation of their colleagues, so this change is very organic, expected and joyful for the entire team of partners”, says Rolandas Valiūnas, managing partner of Ellex Valiunas.

Business law firm “Ellex Valiunas” is a part of “Ellex”, which operates throughout the Baltic region. Over 110 lawyers work in the office of the office in Lithuania, including 27 partners, and over 215 lawyers in all three Baltic countries, including 51 partners. In total, the team of lawyers and professionals providing business support services in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia unites 270 employees and has been the largest law firm in the Baltic countries for many years.

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