Urbonas, who filed a protest, did not understand the judges: “I have never been so painfully robbed before” / News

Urbonas, who filed a protest, did not understand the judges: “I have never been so painfully robbed before” / News
Urbonas, who filed a protest, did not understand the judges: “I have never been so painfully robbed before” / News

Žydrūnas Urbonas was angry with the referees after the disappointing failure in Jonava (80:81) and assessed the potential of his pupil.

With the score at 80-81, Shaquille Keith intercepted the ball and went forward to try to give the team the lead, but Ryan Larson knocked the ball out and the officials did not call a foul and gave the ball to the Johns. It was because of this episode that Urbonas was the most angry.

“We feel robbed, we wrote a protest, of course, I know, those protests don’t change anything. Just don’t think that we are crying and whining here, – said Urbonas. – It was a key match for us, I’m not saying we don’t have any more chances, but it was a very important match for whether we can still really hang on to the playoffs. The men knew this and fought to the end.

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It’s hard to understand that thing – we get the ball, Shaquille goes for a quick (attack), obviously I didn’t see it from behind, but then they showed the replay, it’s a thousand, 10 thousand or a million percent unsportsmanlike foul. In that sense, he was pulling the ball, Larson hooked him, there was no play on the ball. Keith, imagine a train is coming and you’re trying to grab a ball from the platform. He tried to pick the ball up but just couldn’t as he got a man hang on and fell to the sideline, no whistle.

I didn’t see it, I didn’t react, because if I had seen such a situation, I certainly wouldn’t have reacted so calmly.”

Keith’s episode:

“The game itself, you have to admit that we played completely without a center. Pavelka, according to the understanding of basketball, is still so second. You can see that he is not from a basketball country, he still has many, many things to tell him, – Urbonas said about the match. – He took himself out of the match stupidly. It’s a pity, because today he already started to show himself, to recover, because he was dead after the national team.

The match itself, its course, was very interesting for me as a coach, Šeškus played with a small five, it was necessary to react, to act, there were various situations. And we drove off, everything was fine, we had done our homework, we started well. Later, the players did not enter, we gave away the initiative. It was a good match, but it seems very painful that the opportunity was taken away from us. We really have good judges, no personalities, you want to support them, but you can’t do it this way.”

– Keith himself reacted quite calmly, perhaps because he had just received a technical?
– He had just received a technical, I him I loomed. He raised his hands when he was down, I don’t know if the referee can give a technical for raised hands, well, he gave us one. I him I loomedI say: “Listen, the thunder point to point, what are you doing here?’, he says: ‘That’s all, coach, that’s all’, so he didn’t react. Tragedy, damage has been done to us as a club. Now that judge will be removed, that commission will watch, but how can such a thing not be seen? I am not against any judge, normal men, we communicate, but how to miss such a thing, stolen victory completely.

– There were more controversial decisions at the end of the match, have you had a more controversial ending in your career?
– No, I haven’t been robbed so painfully yet, in fact, too painfully, completely deprived of the opportunity, how it is possible not to whistle anything, it’s even hard to understand. It seems that I have seen namaz in basketball, I passed it, but I have never been in such a situation. Anyway, I am grateful to men. It must be admitted that CBet hit well, the same Garrett hit two three-pointers from 10 meters. Larson, we knew he was a shooter, also hit from 10 yards. I said we definitely got a couple of bad shots, but we were in the game and we just had to get the win.

Of course, you should look at all of Jogėla’s stories, Baslykas runs, he sticks his legs, this is an unsportsmanlike, dishonorable game. I don’t even touch on such nuances, protect the phases of the throws, one request. There’s a male fight on the field, you don’t want those cheapnesses, which maybe wasn’t there today, but you can’t see it like this in the throwing phase… I say, I’m grateful to the men.

– Are there talks between coaches and judges regarding the improvement of reviews, at what moments they could be done?
– Of course, it would be ideal if at such a time it was given to review whether or not there was a foul. But what is there to review? We are not talking about the nuance, whether there was a little contact or not. Here the man hanged himself by his hands.

– If in such a situation, when you go to check the time, you could change your decision?
– This would be the restoration of justice, I’m in favor. I liked the situation that was in the match between “Ryta” and “Neptune”, after all, justice was restored there. I understand that maybe “Ryt” was hurt, but justice was restored. For me these things are more important than bureaucratically they (judges) can watch or not. Heck, all coaches agree.

– On the positive side, LJ Thorpe looks like an impressive player at just 24. What potential do you see in it?
– Yes, LJ is a player who still needs to mature. Now it is not yet the French champagne, it wants to be, but for now it is still the Lithuanian one. Great player, does great things, communicates, takes steps forward. But for example, the very end, I also thought that there was a foul in the attack, but he himself came up and apologized. He still lacks such things, such things may be too painful lessons at a higher level, but yes, he is worth watching. There are quite a few players who are in a hurry. The same Ignas Brazdeikis took it bapkeswent to a higher level and sits on banks. LJ might still need a good season to establish himself and in a year he could sweep at least in the European Cup.

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