Ukraine struck the Shahed drone factory more than 1,000 km from its territory

Ukraine struck the Shahed drone factory more than 1,000 km from its territory
Ukraine struck the Shahed drone factory more than 1,000 km from its territory

“Drone attacks were carried out against factories in Tatarstan in Lelabuga and Nizhnekamsk,” the press service of regional leader Rustam Minikhanov told Telegram.

According to sources of the RBC-Ukraine news agency, Ukrainian military intelligence targeted the Shahed assembly plant for deadly drones. The Russian forces call them Geranium-2.

According to a source in the security forces, extensive damage was done to production facilities.

Some time later, it was noted that Ukrainian drones also struck an oil refinery in the same region. According to the RBC-Ukraine report, it was located near the Shahed assembly plant.

It is indicated that these are joint actions of the security and defense forces of Ukraine.

The first since the beginning of the war

This is the first attack by Ukrainian forces on businesses in Tatarstan since the beginning of the full-scale war.

VIDEO: Russia reports drone attacks in Tatarstan, more than 1,000 km from Ukraine

According to Russian media, companies in Yelabuga and Nizhnekamsk were affected. It is said that there are victims. Officially, the local authorities do not name the companies attacked.

However, it is likely that this is the Alabuga Special Economic Zone, located more than 1,000 km from the border with Ukraine.

The Elaz-Naftoprodukt oil refinery and the Shahed attack aircraft factory are located in this economic zone. There are also dormitories for the workers of this factory.

Pro-Kremlin media say one drone hit a factory and two hit a dormitory.

Advanced weapon

On Monday, the German publication “Die Welt” announced that this year Ukraine managed to increase the production of long-range drones tenfold and develop an incredible range.

“Ukraine already has drones capable of covering a distance of more than 1,000 km,” Ukrainian Digital Transformation Minister Mychailo Fyodorov said in an interview.

“Most drones in use have a range of 700 to 1,000 kilometers. But now there are models that can fly more than 1,000 kilometers,” he added.

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