“BankingLab”, the developer of Lithuanian banking systems, suffered a cyber attack | Business

“BankingLab”, the developer of Lithuanian banking systems, suffered a cyber attack | Business
“BankingLab”, the developer of Lithuanian banking systems, suffered a cyber attack | Business

Vilnius-based BankingLab, which develops complex, all-encompassing banking investment solutions, suffered a cyber attack over the weekend.

As a result, both the company and the responsible authorities have started an investigation, reports BNS.

The attack from a foreign country was recorded after midnight on Friday and continued on Saturday and Sunday, the company said on Monday.

The services have been provided again since Monday morning, company manager Narimantas Bloznelis told BNS.

The main existing clients of BankingLab are such companies as Bankera, Vialet, Connect Pay, Simplex, PayRay bank, Perlas Finance, Mano Bankas, SH Financial and others, previously the company wrote in a press release.

According to BankingLab, during the attack, the hackers managed to make public the data of several individuals and legal entities. According to the company, customer money is safe and affected customers have been informed.

In order to prevent possible attacks in the future, the company temporarily restricted payment, electronic and mobile banking and other services, as well as implemented additional measures and strengthened cyber security preparedness.

The police, the National Cyber ​​Security Center, the Data Protection Inspectorate and other responsible institutions have been informed about the cyber attack.

The leaked data set has already appeared on hacker website Breached.to. 15 minutes has sent a request and is waiting for confirmation whether the displayed data is authentic.

BankingLab is a three-company platform for virtual currency exchanges and bank foreign exchange operations, with clients including Simplex, Vialet. We have recently obtained all permissions on the Bankinglab server and intercepted all user data, including the identification information of each user’s transactions. Now I will share the data and key from pam360 password management system used in BankingLab, here is the SSH key for internal services, passwords from various systems, servers, etc. Enjoy,” the person who uploaded the data wrote on the server.

Screenshot/BankingLab data on hacker site 2022 September 26

in 2021 four Lithuanian fintech companies – “Baltic amber solutions”, “GIRO sistema”, “Mokešimės vizija” and “AutoKYC” – merged under one name “BankingLab”.

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