In Kaunas, there is an exhibition of Dorothy Bohm, a photographer of Litvak origin, and the premiere of a film about her Culture

September 27 6 p.m. The premiere of the documentary film “Seeing Daylight: The Photography of Dorothy Bohm” (2018, in English) directed by Richard Shaw will take place in the “Romuva” cinema in Lithuania. This is an intimate portrait of a famous British photographer, inviting you to get to know the artist’s unique worldview. Monica Bohm, daughter of the artist and curator of the Dorothy Bohm exhibition at the Kaunas Photography Gallery, will take part in the event.

Photo of Kaunas Photography Gallery/Dorothy Bohm’s work

September 28 6 p.m. Dorothy Bohm’s exhibition “The Seen World” will be opened in the Kaunas Photography Gallery. The retrospective exhibition of the famous British artist of Litvak origin will invite you to get acquainted with the creative mindset that spans more than six decades and spans several continents. The exhibition exhibits black and white and color images illustrating different stages of the artist’s work, aesthetically impressive and deeply human images, which capture the people and landscapes of a rapidly changing world.

According to Monica Bohm, the curator of the exhibition, “Although the human figure in the natural environment remained the main focus of her work and she created pure, raw photographs, over time the way of representation became more painterly and abstract. Dorotea became more and more interested in spatial and other forms that create ambiguity.” In the retrospective exhibition of the photographer, which will be held in the Kaunas photography gallery, it will be possible to feel this transformation and get to know different elements of the photographer’s creative biography.

Photo of Kaunas Photography Gallery/Dorothy Bohm’s work

Dorothy Bohm (b. 1924) spent her childhood in the region of Memel (now Klaipėda), where she enjoyed a relatively carefree childhood. in 1939 after the Nazis occupied Lithuania, the future photographer’s parents decided to send her to Great Britain. Here, Dorothy completed her photography studies and began to engage in portrait photography and founded her own photography studio. Eventually, after becoming interested in street photography, he abandoned studio photography. After photographing mostly black and white images for a long time, in the 20th century after first using color Kodak film in the late 1990s, Dorothy never returned to black and white photography. Although she stopped taking pictures a few years ago, ninety-eight-year-old Dorothy Bohm’s connection to photography remains just as strong. Her creative biography includes twenty-five solo exhibitions and over fifteen name publications. Today, Dorothea Bohm is widely recognized as a distinguished British photographer.

The exhibition will be open until November 13.

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