When managing the living environment, waste must be properly taken care of

When managing the living environment, waste must be properly taken care of
When managing the living environment, waste must be properly taken care of

It is already customary that April becomes the month of environmental cleaning. Eglė Bružienė, head of the City Economy and Environment Department of the Šiauliai City Municipality Administration, informed at the press conference that from April 1, the city will start collecting green waste both from individual properties and from apartment buildings or garden communities. Their collection schedules are published on the website of Šiauliai Region Waste Management Center (ŠRATC).

The presenter noted that in the courtyards of multi-apartment houses, green waste piled up in big bags can only be placed next to communal athletic containers. Bulk bags placed elsewhere will not be emptied. They are also emptied on a schedule.

E. Bružienė emphasized that only those big bags with the logo and identification marker of the service company are emptied and they can only contain green waste. In Šiauliai, waste is managed by the company “Ecoservice projektai”, so the big bag must have the company’s logo and marker on it. Other bags are not collected and emptied free of charge.

“We notice various large bags being thrown around that do not belong to the service company. Do not use your own bulk bags as they are not emptyable. If you need some kind of individual service, it is your personal responsibility, say to buy a big bag from a waste management company and agree with the company about the paid service. Only large bags with a logo and identification marker are emptied for free,” warned the head of the department.

From next week, the removal of bulky waste from apartment buildings will begin. Such waste will be removed from individual houses according to the schedule starting in May. Large-sized waste is transported 4 times a year, and the schedule can be found on the ŠRATC website. The leader pointed out that the day indicated in the schedule is the day of waste removal to the container. Such waste consists of furniture and household items that do not fit in containers.

“Both tree branches and large waste cannot be placed near the streets, near containers, if it is not the day of removal. This is an illegal activity, it does not decorate the city and your own environment”, emphasized E. Bružienė.

She reminded that if there is an inconvenient time for waste removal, it is possible to take such waste to the bulky waste site yourself. Two such sites operate in Šiauliai on J. Basanavičiaus and Pailių streets, and the Šiauliai district large waste site in the village of Bertuižii near the closed landfill also accepts waste from city residents. Another such parking lot will open this year on S. Darius and S. Girėnos streets.

In addition, each apartment or individual holding can order personal free removal of bulky waste once. For this, you need to contact ŠRATC.

Hazardous waste that may remain, for example, after repair work, is also collected in the spring. According to a separate schedule, such waste is collected at shopping centers and can be left there for free.

The leader called on the people of Šiauliai not to wait for cleanliness campaigns and talcum powders, but to constantly manage the living environment.

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