detailed list of mandatory works in April


Many gardeners look forward to the start of the new season after winter. Some have already managed to plant pepper seedlings, but this is not enough. There is a lot more work to be done in the garden in April.

Here is a list of mandatory garden chores:

  • Shrub and tree pruning. If for some reason pruning and crown formation was not done in March, excess shoots should be removed in April.
  • Planting of fruit trees and berry bushes. If you are planning to update your garden or buy new varieties, April is the best time to plant seedlings. Right now they are still sleeping, the air is cool and the soil is rich in moisture.
  • Tree fertilization. In April, you should again pay attention to fertilizing the plants, taking into account their growth phase.
  • Pest treatment. Fruit trees and berry bushes need repeated treatment for pests and diseases. Regular prophylactic spraying helps prevent serious plant infections.
  • Care of berry plants. April Raspberry shoots tied for the winter should be released, and shoots that did not survive the winter should be removed. The branches are tied to the support and shortened if necessary. Currants and gooseberries can also be propagated by cuttings by bending their branches to the ground and tying them.

In April, the garden needs special attention. After the winter, weakened plants begin to develop actively and will reward good care with an excellent harvest.

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