likes to spend the summer with the breeze

likes to spend the summer with the breeze
likes to spend the summer with the breeze

Earlier, Juozas had made a windmill. Now there is a solar power plant connected by him in the yard. In his youth, he assembled his first television from individual parts, and it is not worth talking about lawnmowers and smaller devices. Juoz’s current TV is controlled with a wireless keyboard, because the old man likes to look for various interesting things on the YouTube channel. He also tried the possibilities of artificial intelligence, but, as he said, he didn’t like it very much – after asking a question, that mind starts a story from a very far away.

Well, the most interesting thing is that the man is still driving. And not just any car, but a silver Peugeot convertible. He likes to spend the summer with the breeze. After inviting everyone outside, Juozas drove the car out of the garage, lowered the roof and drove across the yard. Vice Mayor Vaidotas could not stand it – he sat down with him. It was really fun to watch. Now Juoz’s main concern is how to get a health certificate for driving. There is also a backup plan – he will drive an electric tricycle.

The man was an avid traveler all his life. Wherever it was allowed at that time, he traveled there. Many trips were organized by his workplace. And in his car, together with his wife of bright memory, Birute, they have traveled all over Lithuania, Belarus, and Latvia (the driver’s experience is 64 years).

That’s why even now he doesn’t give up this hobby, he still sits behind the wheel. It doesn’t go far. Mostly from Ignalina to Palūšė. Having parked his car in the parking lot, he walks along the footpath leading to Meironai. It does not go the whole distance – to the second bench and back.

Juozas was born in the village of Antagavė. He grew up in a family of four. Twin brother Kazys and sister Milda have already left for eternity. Juozas communicates nicely with his sister Dangira, he often takes her for a ride in his convertible and goes for a walk together. Juozas has acquired the trade of a carpenter at the Vilnius School of Crafts, and he worked for the longest time in the International Communications branch of VĮ “Lietuvos telekomas”, performing technical maintenance of equipment, later he was the head of the region. The office of his workplace was located on Šilo Street in Ignalina.

He and his wife also grew tulips. Tulips were transported to Visaginas, Daugavpils, Belarusian cities. Especially on March 8, flowers were very well bought. Also, as he remembers, he loved fishing and hunting.

Juozas is happy with his closest people – the family of his son Gintaras, who now lives in his homestead. The man’s heart is made happy by the grown-up grandchildren Rūta, Agnius, the youngest great-grandson Herkus, as well as the grandchildren Adrija, Aglija and Aidas, who, apparently having inherited the passion for driving from their grandfather, make Ignalina and Lithuania famous for their achievements in the motocross sport.

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