Uniting in Vilnius Ch. Michel: We need to help Ukraine more, including military aid

Uniting in Vilnius Ch. Michel: We need to help Ukraine more, including military aid
Uniting in Vilnius Ch. Michel: We need to help Ukraine more, including military aid

Chairman of the Council of the EU, Charles Michelis. Photo of Judita Grigelyts (V).

The President of the European Council (ECC) Charles Michel says that one of the most important priorities of the next political cycle of the European Union (EU) is the strengthening of support, including military support, to Ukraine.

This is what he said on Tuesday while visiting Vilnius, where together with Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausda and the leaders of four other European Union countries, he is discussing the priorities of the new EU political cycle, which will begin after the European Parliament elections.

According to the chairman of the EWC, the EU made a historic decision by granting candidate status to Ukraine, approving a financial support package.

However, this is not enough, we need to do more, including in the field of military aid, said Ch. Michel.

He claimed that unexpected difficulties await us in the future, and he said that support for Ukraine and strengthening of European defense is one of the priority areas.

We must do everything to strengthen the European Union, ensure security. (…) We have to improve defense preparedness, clearly state that we will support Ukraine as much as necessary, that we will mobilize all conceivable financial and military resources, as well as political support, he said.

Another priority area, according to Ch. Michel’s Strengthening the European Economy.

The single market is one of the most important things for us. We need to strengthen it, invest more to respond to digital transformation and climate change, he said.

The third priority area for the Chairman of the EWC is the strengthening of democracy.

We will never give up, we will never abandon the democratic principle, this is the basis of the European project, Ch. Michel.

According to G. Nausda, the highest priority for European leaders must remain further support for Ukraine, as well as holding Russia responsible for the crimes committed in Ukraine.

He called for the use of Russian wealth to rebuild the Ukrainian economy.

The most important thing for all of us is to remain united, we must continue to support Ukraine and remain strong as a world power, the president said.

The leaders of the Netherlands, Sweden, Ukraine and Bulgaria are also participating in the discussion in Vilnius on Tuesday.

Discussions on this issue will also take place in Varuva, Rome and Bucharest in April.

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