Reduce appliances at home: just one item with this function is enough to keep it perfectly clean


Bissell is proud to have created a number of smart devices that have gained recognition around the world. Why have these devices become so popular? One of their biggest advantages is that you can do almost all the most important daily household chores with one device. For example, the HydroSteam (steam cleaning) technology in specific devices helps to effectively remove various types of stains and dirt. Even two types of Bissell products have this technology.

Not only cleanliness, but also health

Currently, there is more and more talk about the need to periodically disinfect home premises. It has been proven that doing this reduces the probability of contracting viral diseases, and the house itself feels fresh and clean.

Bissell has even developed two types of products that also include the HydroSteam steam cleaning function. These are CrossWave vacuum pumps and SpotClean washing pumps. Both types of products have in common the fact that they are extremely effective in removing stains and dirt, as well as disinfecting the surfaces to be cleaned.

Bissell is the first to introduce a steam function in this type of device. Their devices are a true innovation in the stain removal pump market. After all, it has been proven that steam cleaning helps to wash and clean even old or sticky stains much more effectively. For this reason, the result is achieved faster and simpler when cleaning the house with Bissell devices.

The steam cleaning mode is a real revolution in home cleaning. The important thing is that using this function only, the cleaned surface dries very quickly. It can even be useful for cleaning curtains. Therefore, it is usually possible to avoid extremely tiring tasks – hanging curtains, washing, ironing, hanging them.

SpotClean scrubbers – hard to beat

One of Bissell’s biggest prides is the SpotClean HydroSteam stain removal pumps. Currently, even two models of these pumps are offered – “Select” and “Pro”. Thanks to the special HydroSteam technology, the pumps clean stains extremely quickly and efficiently.

The steam cleaning function is definitely not the only feature of these pumps. They are portable, so they are perfect for cleaning carpets, furniture upholstery, even the interior of a car. Advanced technology allows you to perfectly clean tiles, even their gaps, these devices overcome even old stains.

SpotClean HydroSteam pumps have three different cleaning modes: steam cleaning, water cleaning, steam and water cleaning. When you purchase this type of pump, you will also find different cleaning brush tips and brushes for cleaning different surfaces, as well as a rinsing nozzle. The latter is used for self-cleaning – the entire pump system is flushed without destroying the pump itself. These pumps also have removable water tanks for clean and dirty water.


When you buy this type of pump, you will also get a special, unique Bissell technology cleaning liquid.

CrossWave pumps are a real lifesaver for pet owners

Another Bissell product with a steam function is the CrossWave HydroSteam hand pump-brooms. Two models of this pump are currently available on the market – Pet Select and Pet Pro. These pumps can vacuum, wash and even dry at the same time. Of course, the innovation is created with the help of the ability to use the steam mode as needed.


Thanks to the HydroSteam technology, which is installed in these pumps, it is possible to effectively remove stubborn, dried-up or even sticky stains. “Tangle-Free” technology is to reduce the wrapping of hair around the cleaning roller.

CrossWave HydroSteam pumps have two separate tanks. One is for clean water and the other is for dirty water. For this reason, only clean water is always used for washing.

The pumps are perfect for cleaning various surfaces. For example, carpets look brand new after cleaning.

Manual vacuum cleaners also have a self-cleaning system. This is very relevant for modern people who are in a hurry and want to use their time efficiently. With the push of just one button, the entire pump system and the washing roller are washed, so there is no need to disassemble the pump and wash its individual parts.


CrossWave pumps are designed with four-legged residents in mind. LED lighting is built into the pumps, so it is extremely easy to see animal hair, dirt and other dirt when washing.

People with pets will definitely like another innovation of these pumps – the FreshStart odor control system. Antimicrobial washing roller and filter neutralize unpleasant odors, so freshness is constantly felt throughout the house.

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