Want to break up? Create your own switch decor

Want to break up? Create your own switch decor
Want to break up? Create your own switch decor

At the beginning of March in Frankfurt, one of the largest exhibitions of electrical engineering lighting and building automation in the world – “Light + Building 2024”, the German manufacturer of aesthetic electrical installation devices and smart systems JUNG presented to the general public the switch collection “JUNG UNIQUE by GRAFT” based on Berlin street art and graffiti.

Colorful signs of city life on the switch

“It’s an ode to city life, Berlin and individuality. It is intended for urbanists, individualists and fans of street art who adore the spirit of the big city – that is, for all those for whom “normality” is no longer enough”, – these are the words used by the representatives of the GRAFT company, which is famous in the world for its extremely creative and experimental architectural projects, to describe its unusual design of the switch collection at the exhibition .

According to them, in recent decades, the so-called urban art, initially understood as a form of protest, is increasingly becoming socially acceptable in Western Europe. Graffiti and other examples of street art organically fit into urban spaces and complement them.

“With this collection of switches, we wanted to explore this ambiguity of aesthetic perception and how we perceive beauty in general.” We were attracted by the aesthetics of everyday life in the city – things that we can experience in the big city, but at the same time we don’t appreciate their potential,” said the GRAFT team that created the exclusive design of the switches.

According to Raimundos Skurdenis, manager of JUNG Vilnius center for switches and smart home systems, this collection was created with the help of the “Graphic Tool” platform created a few years ago by a German manufacturer of electrical installation devices and smart systems, which gives creative people the opportunity to create individualized electrical installation devices and use them as an additional means of communication.

“Although the switches are made in Germany, with the help of an online design tool, it is possible to model and order a switch with the desired look from anywhere in the world. JUNG allows you to improvise by choosing a color or changing the position and size of graphic elements. You can put a photo, note or picture you like on the switch. I think the charm of this process lies in the opportunity to touch the production process yourself. Then the result and the personified home or any other space with such a switch gives a special feeling of satisfaction”, thinks R.Skurdenis.

Switches to create a personalized space

According to R.Skurdenis, at the customer’s request, practically any image can be scanned, and then the digital images are transferred to the switches using color printing and laser engraving technologies. With the help of a special graphic tool, a child’s drawing, a historical quote, a photo, a picture or another graphic element can be placed on the switch.

“Anyone can create a one-of-a-kind, authorized, one-of-a-kind switch that can’t be bought in a standard store.” Now people are trying to make their homes reflect the uniqueness of their character and personality as evocatively as possible, and such a special, “own” switch is another way to create an individualized space”, explains R.Skurdenis.

According to an electrical installation expert, such a miniature work of art on switches can be not only pleasing to the eye, but also have practical benefits. For example, to be used in public buildings: offices, hotels, where it is not uncommon to see a huge cluster of switches and turn on almost all of them until the right one is found.

“In order not to get confused, especially in public spaces, where many other people visit, you can put symbols indicating the functions on the switches: lamp, blind, air conditioner. So that you don’t see a lot of switches on the wall but have no idea what they control. Meanwhile, luxury hotels have an opportunity to use the switch and shape their image: decorate each of them with their own logo. So, there are various possibilities – all you need is imagination and courage to experiment,” assures R.Skurdenis.

According to him, such exclusive switches ensure optimal integration of devices into interior design, a smarter approach to users and a subtle look at individuality.

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