Since April – many changes that you must know about –

Since April – many changes that you must know about –
Since April – many changes that you must know about –

Perhaps the most pleasant news is that gas prices are decreasing. True, not as much as consumers reasonably expected, because prices in the market practically returned to the pre-war level. But it’s still better than nothing. For residents who consume the least amount of gas (up to 300 cubic meters per year), a cubic meter will be cheaper from 1.29 to 1.05 euros, for those who heat their homes with gas (from 300 to 20 thousand cubic meters) – from 83 to 59 cents, and for the third (more than 20 thousand cubic meters per year) for the consumer group – from 79 to 55 cents. The fixed part will not change: it will be 0.56 euros per month for the first group, 3.99 euros for the second and third.

Interestingly, the public price of electricity paid by household consumers who have not chosen an independent supplier will decrease by 2-3.2 percent, or 0.44-0.47 cents per kilowatt hour, from April: from approximately 21.9 to 21.4 cents per kilowatt hour. In other words, although the politicians threatened that those who did not choose suppliers will pay more, for now those who did not trust the politicians are winning.

Since April, the amounts of “Sodra” payments have changed. As “Sodra” announces, this is especially important for those recipients of payments with the lowest and highest incomes.

Sickness, maternity, paternity and child care benefits are calculated individually, taking into account the income of the recipients. Nevertheless, the established minimum and maximum payout amounts ensure that payouts will neither be lower nor higher than the intended amount.

These amounts vary according to the national average wage and are recalculated every quarter. The payments for the second quarter will be calculated using the VDU rate of 2,097.30 euros, which was in effect at the end of 2023. quarter.

The sickness benefit per month cannot be less than 11.64 percent of the country’s VDU, which was valid in the previous quarter before the date of determination of temporary incapacity for work. Thus, from the beginning of April to the end of June, the minimum sickness benefit cannot be lower than 244.13 euros per month (it was 233.49 euros) or 11.68 euros per day.

The minimum limit of maternity, paternity and childcare benefits is equal to 8 basic social benefits. This ensures that maternity, paternity, and child care benefits are higher than the amount of minimum consumption needs valid at the time of payment of the benefits. The amounts of the basic social benefit that were valid in the last month until the day of the right to receive the benefit are applied.

Thus, if a person becomes entitled to maternity, paternity or childcare benefits in April, May or June this year, the minimum limit for these benefits will be 440 euros.

The unemployment benefit consists of two parts – variable and permanent, the size of which depends on the minimum monthly salary (MMA). The constant part of the unemployment benefit is equal to 23.27 percent. MMA. In 2024, the MMA amounts to 924 euros, so the constant part of the unemployment benefit is 215.01 euros – it remains the same as in the first quarter of the year.

The variable part of the unemployment benefit depends on the person’s insured income.

For example, if a person registers with the Employment Service in April 2024, the constant part of his unemployment benefit will amount to 215.01 euros, while the variable part will be calculated based on the average insured income from the beginning of September 2021 to the end of February 2024.

If the average monthly insured income of such a person was 800 euros, the unemployment benefit paid in April-June will amount to 525.33 euros, from July to September – 463.25 euros, from October to December – 401.17 euros.

The maximum unemployment benefit cannot be higher than 58.18 percent. VDU, which was valid for the previous calendar quarter from the day of acquiring the unemployed status. So, for people who will be unemployed from April 1. until June 30, the maximum unemployment benefit is 1220.21 euros.

Attention drivers. Passenger cars, trucks with a maximum permissible mass of no more than 3.5 t, motorcycles and tricycles can be driven at a speed of no more than 130 km/h on highways in April-October, and at a speed of no more than 120 km/h on highways. On roads with an asphalt or concrete surface, the speed limit is not higher than 90 km/h, on other roads – the speed is not higher than 70 km/h.

Also, from April 1 (until October 31) the ban on operating motor vehicles and their trailers with summer tires no longer applies. From April 10 until October 31 it is prohibited to operate vehicles with studded tires. Summer tires are recommended in the warm season.

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