Wizz Air warns of an important check-in condition in case of delay


In case of flight delays, the check-in time for Wizz Air flights does not change. Passengers must check in according to the original schedule, even if the flight is delayed.
Failure to meet the check-in time may result in the loss of a seat on the flight. Passengers who cannot check in for free can do so at the airport for an additional fee.

To avoid additional charges, it is recommended to check-in for a delayed flight as a scheduled flight.

The Hungarian low-cost airline “Wizz Air” informed passengers about important information related to the check-in procedure for delayed flights. Failure to follow these instructions may prevent you from boarding your scheduled flight.

Wizz Air plane
Wizz Air plane

Wizz Air passenger check-in after flight delay

One of the largest low-cost airlines in Europe has published important information for passengers about check-in times in case of flight delays.

Therefore, if the flight is delayed, the online check-in and airport check-in times do not change. This means that if check-in was supposed to end at 15:00, but departure was delayed 3 hours later, passengers still have to check-in by 15:00, not 18:00.

“Passengers who have received a message about a delayed flight and decide that they do not need to rush to the airport, may not board the plane at all. Because if they arrive later, registration may be closed at that time,” the statement said.

According to Wizz Air rules, online check-in must be completed 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. In most cities served by Wizz Air, airport check-in closes 40 minutes before departure, and in some – 60 minutes.

Wizz Air warns

Passengers who were unable to check in online for free can do so at the airport. However, in most cases there is usually a fee of 40 euros per passenger for this service.

Therefore, in order to avoid additional charges or possible loss of the ticket, it is recommended to check-in for the delayed flight as if the scheduled departure time did not change.

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