“It was coming very fast towards us”

“It was coming very fast towards us”
“It was coming very fast towards us”

The couple bought a boat, which became the family’s new home, and with their two young children, Keira and Kevin, and their puppy, Skipper, embarked on the trip of a lifetime around the world.

Ugnė says that she received a wide variety of reactions from those close to her regarding her decision to embark on a trip around the world. She is convinced that all the fears expressed by people were their own fears, their own excuses to themselves, because they might not dare to pursue their dreams. Ugnė says that they have been consistently preparing for this life change for seven years. And their year-long journey is proof to everyone that even the wildest dreams can be realized. Relatives had the most fears about possible disasters, health and children’s education.

However, Ugnė admits that life on a ship has its own characteristics and sometimes you have to face extraordinary situations and challenges. The woman assures that during the year-long trip there were reasons to be seriously scared a couple of times. Sailing from Gibraltar to the Canary Islands was plagued by the fear of orcas that often attack ships, which have already sunk several ships. But it turns out that the fear of the powerful sea animal attacks was nothing compared to what the family had to deal with.

“In the distance, on the horizon, we saw a ship that began to approach us very quickly. We look with binoculars, we don’t understand what kind of ship this is. All black, we see, as if it is inside people. We could not identify the ship, because you can often see what kind of ship, what size it is. He was coming very fast towards us. I started to worry, I asked the children to go to the bottom of the ship, to their own cabin and we waited for the ship”, Ugnė recalled the anxious moment during the filming of the LNK show “Bus visko”.

On the suddenly approaching ship, Ugnė and her husband saw three men on board, their faces covered with masks. When they approached Ugnė’s ship, they asked for water.

“Then suddenly two men jumped out of such a tent, there were five of them in all, one man clinging to the side of our ship. The man said the water will be there soon, but you don’t get on board. I draw water with trembling hands, hand it over, and another man with a face mask is standing on the boat, cutting something with a knife. I’m thinking, what’s the use of that knife, what’s the use of those face masks? Then they asked for cigarettes. About that time my daughter came upstairs from downstairs and says mom what’s going on here? I was even more scared because I realized that they saw that our child was there too. I don’t know what happened at that moment, but their body language somehow changed and they suddenly turned around, said thank you, and started swimming away from us.”

Ugnė still remembers this story, because the feeling of helplessness that flooded her then was greater than her cold mind. The Moroccan coast is considered safe enough among sailors, so this incident made me think – what will happen if outsiders decide to return after looking around? According to the type of ship, Ugnė found out who exactly had come to them.

“It is possible that these are people who are engaged in drug smuggling and even people smuggling,” Ugnė said.

However, even worrying events do not deter the family from continuing their journey. The fire is not hiding – they will travel the seas and oceans for at least another 5 years. So far, the family has already explored the Mediterranean, visiting France, Corsica, Italy, Malta, Greece, Spain and Gibraltar. Currently, the Jensen family is staying in the Canary Islands, in the fall their ship will sail to Brazil, where they will spend at least a few months, and then head to the Caribbean islands. They plan to welcome Christmas warmly and exotically.

The whole story about the family living and traveling on the ship and their adventures and the joys of getting to know each other – this Tuesday evening, at 20:00, on the show “Bus visko” on LNK.

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