Peru’s president was involved in the “Rolexgate” scandal: six ministers resigned

Peru’s president was involved in the “Rolexgate” scandal: six ministers resigned
Peru’s president was involved in the “Rolexgate” scandal: six ministers resigned

In Peru’s so-called Rolexgate scandal, Interior Minister Victor Torres was the first to resign, two days after police raided and searched the president’s home and office.

A few hours later, five more ministers – women’s affairs, education, rural development, production and foreign trade – resigned.

The government did not explain the resignations, but they came two days before new Prime Minister Gustav Adrianzen and his cabinet were sworn in at Congress, where a vote scheduled for a month ago is due to take place.

On Monday evening, D. Boluarte swore in six new ministers in place of those who resigned.

Torres said after the cabinet meeting that he was resigning for personal reasons. But his departure was widely seen as punishment for the weekend raids targeting the president. He has also faced much criticism in Congress for the sharp increase in street crime.

The minister said that he coordinated his departure with D. Boluarte. “I’m leaving because I asked the lady and she agreed,” he told reporters.

Peruvian politics is a turbulent world, with the country having had six different presidents in the past eight years.

The latest drama erupted in mid-March when a news outlet revealed that Boluarte, who has very low ratings, had several expensive Rolex watches and it was not clear how she acquired them. She earns about $55,000 a year.

The 61-year-old D. Boluarte did not explain anything, except that the watches are the fruit of hard work.

She is now being investigated for corruption to determine whether she has become ill-gotten rich since coming to power in December 2022 and why she did not declare those watches as part of her assets.

Boluarte is scheduled to give a formal statement to investigators on Friday and has been told to bring any Rolex watches she owns to the interview.

None of them were found during the dramatic raid overnight from Friday to Saturday.

Boluarte came to power in December 2022 after then-President Pedro Castillo’s attempt to dissolve Congress and rule by decree led to his arrest and violent protests that called for her resignation and new elections.

If she is charged in the Rolex case, according to the Constitution, the trial could only take place after her term ends in July 2026, or if she is removed from office by impeachment.

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