“Olimpas” dramatically straightened and evened the result of the semi-final series

“Olimpas” dramatically straightened and evened the result of the semi-final series
“Olimpas” dramatically straightened and evened the result of the semi-final series

In the fight to three wins, the Palanga players tied the semi-final series 1-1. The next confrontation between the teams is on Friday at 19:00. will return to Palanga.

At the beginning of the last quarter, “Olimpas” began to falter in attack, and veterans Mindaugas Lukauskis and Tomas Delininkaitis hit a long shot and “Jurbarkas-Karys” gained a record advantage (74:62).

The visitors, who did not raise the white flag, responded with a 10-0 run and reduced the deficit to a minimum (77:78) in the middle of the last quarter.

The captain of Palangiškii, Paulius Danisevičius, took the initiative in the attack and, approaching the last minute, overturned the result (88:87).

After that, the hosts did not take advantage of 3 opportunities in a row, and Julius Kazakauskas, who provoked a foul, was unable to continue the match, and was replaced by Justas Vieversys, who did not play in this meeting.

The offensive player hit the first, but missed the second penalty, and the visitors recovered the ball in the attack and Vieversys, who forced the opponents to break the rules again, made no mistakes this time (91:87).

In the next attack, Delininkaitis’ shot from a long distance flew past, and with 20 seconds left, Vieversys put the Palangi team even further behind with free throws (93:87).

After the meeting between the hosts, both teams exchanged accurate two-pointers and “Olimpas” celebrated the victory – 95:89.

In 25 minutes, Palangiškii offensive player Danisevičius had 22 points (6/8 doubles, 2/8 triples, 4/4 penalties), 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 25 utility points.

Karolis Guščikas added a powerful double-double in 30 minutes – 18 points (7/13 doubles, 4/6 penalties), 16 rebounds and 23 efficiency points.

Karolis Kokoška scored 16 points (2/3 doubles, 4/8 triples), 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 21 utility points for the Jurbarkas team in 39 minutes.

Aidas Kavaliauskas and Artūrs Pelšs did not play for the hosts, and Paulius Kazlauskas did not help the Palangi team.

“Jurbarkas-Karys”: Tomas Delininkaitis 22 (5/10 triples, 4 assists, 7 fouls), Mindaugas Lukauskis (4/7 triples, 6 rebounds) and Karolis Kokoška (4/8 triples) ., 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks) 16 each, Ignas Juškevičius 15 (5/8 doubles, 5/11 penalties, 4 assists), Vytautas Šarakauskas 11.

Olimpas: Paulius Danisevičius 22 (6/8 doubles, 2/8 triples, 5 rebounds, 25 shots), Karolis Guščikas 18 (7/13 doubles, 16 rebounds), Amandas Urkis 17 (3/5 threes), Julius Kazakauskas 9 (9 rebounds, 3 assists), Šarūnas Valunta 8 (4 assists), Marius Runkauskas 7 (2/5 assists, 3 assists) Why.).

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