shot down three of the most modern Russian helicopters in just half an hour

shot down three of the most modern Russian helicopters in just half an hour
shot down three of the most modern Russian helicopters in just half an hour

The command of the Ukrainian Air Force announced on Facebook that the helicopters were shot down on January 24. at night In just 30 minutes, Ukrainian defenders managed to “shoot down” three enemy “birds”, writes “Unian”.

“In 2023 January 24 from 00:00 to 00:30 during a half-hour long anti-aircraft battle, the units of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed three Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters, [skridusius] in an easterly direction,” the statement said.

As reported by “Unian”, on January 23 The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed six aerial targets of the Russian occupiers – two Su-25 fighters, one Ka-52 helicopter, one Orlan-10 drone and two Kh-59 guided missiles.

The General Staff of Ukraine also reported that the armed forces repelled enemy attacks near Bakhmut and 10 other Donbas settlements in the last 24 hours. In addition, Ukrainian defenders destroyed almost 700 occupiers. From 2022 February 24 until 2023 January 24 The combat losses of the Russian Federation have already reached approximately 122,170 soldiers.

Information is also circulating online that the Ukrainians shot down not one, but a total of four K-52s on Monday, bringing the total to seven in 24 hours, and considering that one such helicopter costs about $16 million, the total loss the sum would amount to more than a billion dollars.

However, the information about the four Ka-52s shot down on Monday has not yet been officially confirmed, and may not be accurate.

About the Ka-52

In the early 1980s, when comparative tests of the Ka-50 prototype V-80 and Mi-28 were carried out, a group of designers of the Kamov Design Bureau submitted a proposal to create a special helicopter for battlefield reconnaissance, target designation, support of forces for coordination of aerial and group attack helicopter operations – and to develop such a helicopter based on the Ka-60.

However, the economic difficulties that hit the country at the end of the decade prevented the implementation of this program. This led the bureau’s chief designer to choose a modified version of the Ka-50 that would be fitted with a reconnaissance and target designation system.

The modification provided for a second crew member to operate the optical and/or radar reconnaissance suite. It was decided to place both pilots not one behind the other, but next to each other. Such a two-seater version of the helicopter was named “Ka-52”.

The new model has more surveillance systems, more places for mounting weapons, but in order to maintain the weight and performance of the Ka-50, the armor and the capacity of the gun magazine have been reduced. Some flight parameters also deteriorated, but most of the problems were solved after installing a new VK-2500 engine.

The Ka-52 was designed to be suitable for day, night and adverse weather conditions.

The first Ka-52 helicopter went into production in 1996. in the middle, and serial production began in the fall of 2008.

The basic “Ka-52”, which received the name “Alligator”, also received variants – in 2015 Egypt ordered 46 Ka-52s, christened the Nile Crocodile, while the French-built Mistralio-class ships expected to be procured by Russia were to use the Ka-52 Katran (the latter, for example, were designed with folding screws).

But how much can be inferred from open source intelligence. Only Ka-52 Alligator helicopters are seen in Ukraine so far.

Based on information from Unian and other sources.

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