“My wife Rasa is great”

“My wife Rasa is great”
“My wife Rasa is great”

Speaking about his family, Algis revealed why his son has two names.

“During the sixth month of pregnancy, the doctors said that my wife is pregnant with twins. There was one and suddenly – twins. But a week later, after a double check, it turned out that there were no twins. And in the next clinic, during the examination, the doctor’s face became very scary. She asked why they sent us here. We already thought that something was very wrong. They say, I see only one. I was like, wait, where is our second child?! Then a typical, Lithuanian, high-quality doctor came, so very nice, intelligent with a good sense of humor, who confirmed that there was only one child here. Therefore, we named our son Adam David, because we were planning two names. This is serious,” A. Ramanauskas told the story with a smile on his face.

“By the way, Algi, are you a strict father?” Because it seems to me that no matter how strong your opinion is in public, you are a gentle father,” asked the host of the show, G. Savickas.

“No, I’m not strict. Both our children are very good. And I never even had to raise my voice, everything was always agreed upon. My wife Rasa is an excellent teacher, very good and a very good mother”, A. Ramanauskas did not spare his family nice words in the program “Šeškinės 20”.

While hosting shows on the Internet and engaging in many different activities, Algis revealed what he always avoids.

“I don’t swear much in my life. And I don’t feel comfortable when someone I don’t know or don’t know at all has a conversation with you and, thinking you’re a curmudgeon, swears unnecessarily where it wasn’t necessary at all. Even my podcasts don’t edit and if a guest does, I cut it out. I don’t even add a pipe, but subtly cut it,” revealed Algis Ramanauskas.

The full interview with Algis Ramanauskas – this Wednesday evening, at 8 p.m., on the program “Šeškinės 20” on LNK.

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