the temperature will drop threefold, wet snowflakes will appear

the temperature will drop threefold, wet snowflakes will appear
the temperature will drop threefold, wet snowflakes will appear

It will appear in the northeastern part of the country at the latest.

Here, where clouds can develop more powerfully in the afternoon, there will be another round of thunder. The south wind will quickly change its direction and by the evening it will turn from the south-west, west, and strengthen throughout the country. In the second half of the day, its gusts will strengthen to 15-18 m/s in some places in the southeastern regions and on the coast.

The highest temperature will be very contrasting. It will be between 11 and 16 degrees Celsius in most of the country. On the eastern side, where the rain and dense clouds will arrive the latest, it will still have time to warm up to 17-20, on the eastern edge and 21-22 degrees. At the seaside, the weather will cool down the fastest and it won’t get any warmer than 8-10 degrees.

On Wednesday night, the heat will finally leave our country. The sky will be overcast everywhere, rain will fall intermittently in many areas, wet snowflakes will be mixed in some places in the morning hours. The highest amounts of precipitation are expected in the eastern districts. The south-west, west wind will blow, the gusts of which will already reach 15-20 m/s in many places, and 23 m/s on the coast. The weather will cool down to 0-5 degrees Celsius.

On Wednesday, cold weather will continue in the southwestern part of the cyclone. Dense clouds will not disperse, in many places various precipitation will fall from them at intervals. In the first half of the day, more rain will fall, later it will be replaced by drizzle more and more often. The west, north-west wind will remain gusty, reaching dangerous 15-20 m/s in many places. The day is expected to be cool – the temperature will only rise to 2-7 degrees Celsius.

On Thursday night, the cyclone will retreat, there will be more clearing, but we will still get precipitation, mainly light snow, in many areas. The northerly wind will subside a little, gusts of 15-18 m/s will remain only on the coast. The lowest temperature will be between 4 degrees Celsius and 1 degree Celsius.

On Thursday, cloudy skies will prevail, and the sun will appear again more often. We will get light precipitation in places. The wind will already be changing direction, it will calm down even more. The highest temperature will reach 4-9 degrees Celsius.

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