Volvo has produced its last diesel car: it will not go to customers

Volvo has produced its last diesel car: it will not go to customers
Volvo has produced its last diesel car: it will not go to customers

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At the end of March, the last diesel car rolled off the assembly line at Volvo’s Torslanda factory. A company belonging to the Chinese Geely concern since 2030. plans to produce only electric cars.

The last diesel SUV, the XC90. Volvo’s diesel car is helping technology just at a time when global demand for electric cars is growing. True, the company will still produce models with gasoline internal combustion engines, according to Bloomberg. The last leading diesel passenger car will be delivered to the Volvo Museum in Gotland.

We are quite sure that we have a very good offer for our customers without a diesel car, assures Erik Severinson, Volvo’s manager responsible for new cars and operational strategy.

Other echoes of the automotive industry are not so proven. Mercedes-Benz plans to electrify everything and abandon the internal combustion engine as early as 2030. delayed, Audi, assessing the market demand and its capabilities and the technical problems it will face, also slightly adjusted its electrification plans. Companies until 2026 will deliver more than 20 new and updated models, half of which will be electric.

in 2017 Volvo has become the first car manufacturer to commit to moving away from fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

The company’s last diesel car will reportedly be on display at the Volvo Museum, which is set to open in April in Gothenburg, Sweden. The XC90, which is at the top of the model range, already has an electric replacement, the EX90 electric SUV produced in China.

Volvo will reportedly continue to service customers with diesel-powered cars, as well as supply them with spare parts.

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