Maximos customers will be able to purchase up to 3 items for 1 cent each –

Maximos customers will be able to purchase up to 3 items for 1 cent each –
Maximos customers will be able to purchase up to 3 items for 1 cent each –

The Lithuanian shopping network “Maxima” announces that the conditions of the promotion “With AČIŪ almost for THANKS” are changing – as of today, during the same shopping, those who spend 30 euros with the “Ačiū” card will be able to purchase 1 product for 1 cent, and those who buy 60 euros – 2 products 1 cent each, and those who buy 90 euros or more – even 3 items for 1 cent each. Maxima’s loyalty card “Ačiū” is one of the most popular in Lithuania, it is used by more than 1.9 million people. customers.

The promotion “Su AČIŪ almost for AČIŪ”, which returned to Maximos stores at the beginning of this year, is an essential benefit of the “Ačiū” loyalty card – every week Maximos customers who shop for 30 euros or more with the “Ačiū” card can purchase a different product for 1 cent. The data of the retail network show that this promotion is really popular with customers – about 30 percent of customers take advantage of it. customers who have fulfilled the conditions of the promotion. The latter willingly put in their baskets for 1 cent such popular brands and really favorite promotional products as caramelized condensed milk “Rududu”, chocolate “Pergalė”, mayonnaise “Hellmann’s”, liquid soap “Margarita”, etc.

From April 2 the conditions of the promotion “Su AČIŪ almost za AČIŪ” are changing for the greater benefit of customers: from now on, those who spend 30 euros in one shopping trip will be able to purchase 1 item for 1 cent, those who shop for 60 euros will be able to purchase 2 items for 1 cent each, and those who have spent 90 euros or more – even 3 products participating in the promotion for 1 cent each. The promotion is applied to the final amount of the shopping cart – after applying all the discounts valid at that time and only after using the “Ačiū” card. All this week, customers who fulfill the conditions of the promotion will be able to purchase Roshen Lacmi milk chocolate with peanuts and caramel “almost for a thank you”. The number of promotional products is limited.

“About 300,000 people shop with the “Ačiūs” card every day. customers and this obliges us to constantly review the benefits provided by the card, expand and improve them. We have noticed that customers who have planned a larger purchase often try to divide it into several shopping baskets when they come to the checkout, so that they can buy more items for 1 cent. Therefore, taking into account our customers’ needs and interest in this promotion, we decided to further improve their shopping experience at Maxima. From now on, when buying goods for a larger amount, they will be able to add up to 3 goods for 1 cent each to their shopping cart, which will allow customers to shop more conveniently and save even more”, – says Indrė Trakimaitė-Šeškuvienė, head of the Maxima shopping network, about the promotional conditions that have changed in favor of customers Director of the Communications and Corporate Relations Department.

1.8 million returns to buyers every month. Euros of Maxim’s money

The retail chain reminds us of another benefit of the loyalty card – the ability to accumulate Maximos money and use it to cover up to 99% of expenses. shopping amounts. Every time you use the “Thank you” card, 1 percent is accumulated. from the purchase amount. What’s more, when you shop at newly opened stores, you earn 5% from the establishment throughout the month. from the shopping cart amount.

It is easy to monitor the balance of accumulated Maximos money both in the personal “Ačiū” account and in the Maximos mobile app, which also displays valid discounts and offers. You can also see your Maxima balance on your shopping receipt.

The “Thank you” loyalty card is both a thank you and a guarantee of benefits for our loyal customers who regularly come to shop at Maximos stores. As many as 1.8 million are transferred to Ačiūs card users every month. EUR worth of “Maxima” money”, points out I. Trakimaitė-Šeškuvienė.

He reminds that only the “Mažyliai” club remains active from April

More than 130 thousand customers raising children highly appreciate the “Mažyliai” club operating in the “Ačiū” benefits system of the loyalty card – its members can purchase diapers, children’s clothes, baby food and other necessary goods for parents raising babies at lower prices.

“This is the most popular and actively used club, which has been in existence for 12 years and creates benefits for customers: club members will continue to be able to use offers and long-term discounts intended only for them, as well as receive relevant information and advice,” says I. Trakimaitė-Šeškuvienė.

The retail chain recalls that due to the decline in the relevance of specialized loyalty clubs, such as “Zuvies”, “Cheese lovers”, etc., it was decided to close them. The “Pets” club will be open until April 4. In order to ensure that a wider circle of customers will receive the benefits of the “Ačiū” card, the shopping network has also discontinued personal offers and birthday promotions – both for adult customers and children of “Mažyliai” club members.

“Furthermore, only the “Mažyliai” club will operate in our shopping network, but customers should not be disappointed, because they will continue to find attractive discounts and special offers for their favorite products in our stores,” adds I. Trakimaitė-Šeškuvienė in the end.

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