In the Kaunas district, there are terrifying scenes: residents are not jokingly scared


The father of a teenager who was victimized by aggressive youths tells the news portal that his son was brutally beaten on Friday, and there are more victims.

According to the victim’s father, young people, according to the interviewer, intoxicated by alcohol or other psychoactive substances, have been raging in the Akademija campus in the Kaunas district for years and are known to the police.

According to the interviewee, the police have so far reacted quite passively to these actions of teenagers.

“Last night [balandžio 1 d.] three young bandits visited our house with a trained wolf, rampaged in the stairwell, kicked the door, sprayed tear gas. The day before yesterday, a 15-year-old boy from our house was brutally kicked by their company, a pre-trial investigation has been started, for which they threaten to beat and kill him,” said the victim’s father.

The father of the injured young man told the news portal that the abuser called him himself and said that he beat his son, spoke inappropriately and cursed.

He added that the youths use tear gas and carry a knife with them.

“They are known to the police, and theirs Chebrants are determined. Everyone raves after consuming drugs and alcohol.

Turns out they’ve been raging for years and no one can stop them arrange “, the interviewer claimed.

The father of the victim teenager also shared the warning on social networks. As he said, he also received calls from parents of other victimized teenagers.

Police: the young people are known, officers are investigating the circumstances

When contacted, Odeta Vaitkevičiene, head of the Communication Sub-Department of the Kaunas County Chief Police Commissariat, said that the officers are aware of the actions of the young people.

March 31 8:49 p.m. message receivedthat unknown persons with a dog came to the stairwell, Akademijos mstl., Kaunas districtibanging on the door, left.

Officials are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

The person who met the authorities said that he suspects the persons who fought on the 30th injured his minor son, O. Vaitkevičienė asserted.

The article is in Lithuanian

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