Food leftovers after Easter: how to use them creatively?


“If stored properly – in the refrigerator and tightly closed – the food is good for use for at least a few days after the holidays. First of all, you should try to consume the most perishable products and evaluate yourself – maybe some of the food can be frozen? If it is necessary to “rescue” food products, they can be successfully used for the production of a new dish”, asserts Monika Urbelytė, head of sustainability at Lidl Lietuva.

Leftovers for new dishes

Leftovers can be successfully integrated into other dishes, for example, uneaten marguts can be used for various salads, spreads, filling for tortillas, to make stuffed eggs or to taste cold bars.

Leftovers of cooked ham, turkey or roast goose can be great for making soups, broths, stews, sandwiches, mixes. If you have potato side dish, minced meat and vegetables left over after the holidays, you can make Shepherd’s pie.

It is recommended to use the leftovers of various drinks to make meat marinades and sauces, and the remaining cheese for pie fillings or spreads. You can make a lazy one that will surprise you with a new taste from the remaining fork, cookies or other sweets.

“To reduce the amount of waste of mixes, salads and condiments, prepare all the different ingredients in advance, but mix only as much as you intend to eat at that time. Products mixed together spoil faster, and the remaining individual ingredients will be easier to use for new dishes,” says M. Urbelytė.

Offer takeout

Most of the time, people who invite people to their homes to celebrate Easter cook too much food in order to pamper their loved ones and make sure that no one will run out of food.

“If there is too much food left after the holidays, try to cook less next year, count it in portions according to the number of people coming. During the holidays, it is important to meet, communicate, taste together – but not to overeat. Don’t be afraid to offer the leftover food for takeaway to relatives and guests who visited you – maybe some will be happy to accept it”, says M. Urbelytė.

Recipes to help you use up the eggs left over from Easter

Scotch eggs

For two servings you will need:

500 g minced pork

1 raw egg

4 boiled eggs

50 g of breadcrumbs

1 onion


Add a raw egg to the minced meat, add salt and desired spices, mix. Peel the boiled eggs and cover them with minced meat. Roll the resulting dumplings in breadcrumbs and fry in a pan. Then bake in the oven at 180 °C for another 20 minutes.

Breakfast bowls with eggs, avocado and salmon

For two servings you will need (you can also choose other vegetables left after Easter):

100 g of buckwheat

50 g of salad

1 avocado

2 short-fruited cucumbers

6-8 cherry tomatoes

6 radishes

50 g of smoked salmon

2 boiled eggs

Boil buckwheat groats in salted water or pour boiling water, salt and leave in a covered container for half an hour until it swells. Distribute cooked buckwheat and green salad leaves in bowls. Cut the avocado in half and cut into slices. Place half an avocado in bowls on top of the salad. Add cucumbers cut into straws, cherry tomatoes cut in half, radishes cut into slices on top. Top with slices of smoked salmon and halved boiled eggs. Season with a pinch of salt, freshly ground black pepper and serve immediately.

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