BMW presented the X-series electric car-vision – it can also be used as a source of electricity

BMW presented the X-series electric car-vision – it can also be used as a source of electricity
BMW presented the X-series electric car-vision – it can also be used as a source of electricity

The German car manufacturer BMW Group presents the vision of the future electric cars of the X series – BMW Vision Neue Klasse X. The concern announced that the first serial models of the new generation will start production as early as 2025. They will have a longer driving distance, and in 10 minutes they can be charged for a trip of up to 300 km. In addition, the manufacturer promises that the two-way charging technology will already work in future models.

The Neue Klasse represents the diversity of all the models that customers want today and in the future, from the sporty sedan to the modern SAV family cars. The latest version of the vision car, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X, not only symbolizes an active lifestyle, efficient dynamics and confidence itself, but also perfectly illustrates how the X series models will look in the future,” says BMW AG Chairman of the Board Oliveris Zipse.

Four “super brains”

The new software package developed by BMW, integrated in the cars, will ensure smooth driving of the “Neue Klasse” cars, and two of the four computers integrated in them will raise the driving experience to a new level.

“Future BMW cars will integrate four completely new “superbrains” – high-performance computers that will be able to process the necessary information together. We developed the first “superbrain” system in-house. The integrated transmission and driving dynamics will use up to ten times more powerful computer. In the future, we will combine the four main control units into one high-performance computer. The result will provide cars with more dynamic performance, greater precision, efficiency and driving pleasure,” – says Frank Weber, BMW AG board member responsible for development.

Driving experience redefined

The improved steering wheel with multi-function buttons, the central screen with intuitive touch controls, the smart voice-controlled BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and the new BMW Panoramic Vision front display will help you to control the car simply and intuitively. The important thing is that the latter will allow you to present the most important information across the entire width of the windshield. In production Neue Klasse models, it will be supplemented with an improved BMW 3D Head-Up Display.

It is worth noting that the central screen integrated into the dashboard in BMW Vision Neue Klasse X cars will also provide a better passenger experience. Its position will ensure that both front passengers can optimally use all the information and entertainment functions found in it.

The uniqueness of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X will be highlighted by the plant-based, mineral and oil-free surface material “Verdana” used in the lower part of the door linings and in the center console. Other elements of the car and their construction methods made from recycled monomaterials will make it easier to disassemble its components and improve their recycling possibilities.

Faster electric car charging

In Neue Klasse cars, a new level of efficiency will be ensured by the sixth generation eDrive technology. In addition to improved electronic drive units, it also uses new round lithium-ion battery cells with a volumetric energy density of more than 20 percent. larger than previously used prismatic elements.

The car uses an 800-volt system up to 30 percent. will increase the charging speed – cars can be charged for a 300-kilometer trip in ten minutes. BMW promises that the sixth-generation eDrive will also provide up to 30 percent more driving distance. This will also contribute to greater aerodynamics – wind resistance has been reduced by 20 percent in BMW Vision Neue Klasse X cars. compared to a similar model of the current line. And the new tire designs and braking system for fully electric vehicles help up to 25 percent. increase the overall efficiency of the car.

Unlimited two-way charging options

Another feature highly anticipated by electric car enthusiasts in the BMW Neue Klasse is the ability to use the car’s electric battery as a source of electricity. They will be equipped with bi-directional charging technology, meaning the ability to both receive and supply electricity. This will give BMW customers the opportunity to contribute to nature even more actively. nurturing

The “Vehicle to Home” function will allow the energy stored in the vehicle’s high-voltage battery to be used at home, and the “Vehicle to Grid” function will allow it to be returned to the grid. Access to the energy market will be provided by BMW’s partner company E.ON. This function will be available in various markets only after the necessary regulatory measures are adopted. The third function “Vehicle to Load” will allow the use of energy stored in the vehicle for external electrical equipment. This means that Neue Klasse cars will be able to be used as mobile power banks, for example to charge an e-bike or to supply power to electrical equipment while camping.

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